Dear Stephen,
A few years ago, long before I had the Lyme diagnosis, and when I was healthy as far as I knew, I suddenly got what I diagnosed as arthritis in both hands. (It alternated. Sometimes I could not use the affected hand because of the pain.) I took Esberitox and the condition vanished in about 6 weeks, never to return. [I also added SAM-e after about 3 weeks, but it was clear that Esberitox was the catalyst.] Esberitox is an immune-booster and contains wild indigo, Echinacea purpurea and pallaida 1:1 root – 22.5 mg, and thuja. Are you familiar with this product, and would it have a good effect for Lyme? Also, I would like to know if you recommend taking it with—or before—food (3 capsules 3x a day). Thanks!

Stephen’s response:
This is a good and strong antibacterial and immune stimulating formulation. However, one of the pieces of information lacking in general discussion of echinacea is its impacts on collagen tissues. It, for a variety of complex reasons that I go into in some of my books, can be of tremendous help in regenerating damaged collagen tissues. As it is also an immune stimulant it can be of benefit in Lyme arthritis and Lyme disease in general. I do not emphasize it in the book as there are other things I think better but it will work, and well. It should be taken before meals.

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