Hi Susun,
From my memory of your books and website, you always seem to approach healing through specific steps / questions. Can you review what those are? I find it very helpful and would love to print out the steps so I can remember to follow these guidelines when I have issues in my own life or in a client’s. With gratitude.

Susun’s response:
Here are the six steps of healing:

Step 0: Do nothing (sleep, meditate, unplug the clock or the telephone). A vital, invisible step.

Step 1: Collect information (low-tech diagnosis, reference books, support groups, divination).

Step 2: Engage the energy (prayer, homeopathic remedies, crying, visualizations, ritual, aromatherapy, color, laughter).

Step 3: Nourish and tonify (herbal infusions/vinegars, love, some herbal tinctures, life-style changes, physical activities, moxibustion).

Moon Daughter

Step 4: Stimulate/Sedate (hot/cold water, many herbal tinctures, acupuncture, most massage, alcohol). Risk of developing dependence on step 4 remedies is influenced by frequency (how often), dosage (how much), and duration (how long).

Step 5a: Use supplements (synthesized/concentrated vitamins or minerals, special foods like royal jelly or spirulina). Supple-ments are not step 3. There’s always the risk with synthesized/concentrated substances that they’ll do more harm than good, e.g., the men who took fish liver oil in capsules and had a greater mortality from heart disease (the oil was rancid).

Step 5b: Use drugs (synthesized alkaloids, oral and injectable hormones, high dilution homeopathics). Overdose may cause grave injury or death.

Step 6: Break and enter (fear-inspiring language, surgery, colonics, Rolfing, psychoactive drugs, invasive “diagnostic” tests such as mammograms and biopsies). Side effects are in-evitable and may include permanent injury or death.

Green blessings, Susun Weed

Wise Woman Spiral ©iStockphoto.com / Chuck Spidell | Moon Daughter © Durga Bernhard
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