Dear Stephen,
I’ve been recently introduced to your writings on lyme, which have open my thoughts to other paths to healing other than antibiotics. So, thank you for your extensive research in dealing with such an intrusive organism, and giving patients other options to use for healing. My question is rather a follow-up to a similiar question posted awhile back, but with a different concern. The inability to sleep is a constant and dangerous symptom of this disease for many lyme patients. Many of us have tried various herbs, amino acid supplements, essential oils and even sleeping pills to shut down our brains and sleep. What can you suggest to those like myself where the problem lies in the brain function itself? For me, by the look of my SPECT scan, it seems like the hypothalmus area has been affected. My inability to sleep was quite sudden and out of the blue (a matter of about 3 weeks for total elimination of ability/function). Do you have any recommendations for patients like myself, who have tried everything and need to find a way to “re-set” our sleep function in the brain? Hard to heal when you can’t rest. Thank you so much for your help and advice.

Stephen’s response:
Sleep is a difficult problem. People with Lyme have reported the best results from the following:

1. Massage (best over time)

2. Melatonin LIQUID, 3-5 drops before bed

3. Benedryl

4. Marijuana an hour or two before bed. [Editor’s note: Please check with your state or your physician to confirm whether medical marijuana is legal in your state.]

5. Bed by 9pm, no dinner later than 5pm and a small one at that. A modified liver mix (available from Dry Creek Herbs in California) that I developed for Hep C, taken just before bed around 9 pm will also help immensely over time. Tell them you want it without the strong liver herbs and they can make it that way, see my book on Hep C for more.

6. Eleutherococcus will help over time. Do not, however, take it anywhere near bed time as it can cause insomnia. It will help reduce stress levels and raise immune function and will facilitate sleep once the body is working better.

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