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Wise Woman Ways
with herbalist Susun Weed

Hi Susun,
I have a 52 year old friend who is experiencing hypermenorrhea and has been bleeding for a little over a month. What kinds of things would you recommend for her? She would prefer to do things as naturally as possible.

Karen Joy’s response (apprentice to Susun Weed):
Excessive bleeding into menopause is common, however can be a signal of something serious and can itself cause serious problems. Focus on the ideas below either way, but if concerned please rule out possible causes such as fibroids, endometriosis, cysts, polyps, and infection.

What denotes excessive is unique to each woman. What is more important is her response to the blood loss than how much blood she loses. Signs of weakness, dizziness, paleness, and mental confusion should be watched carefully.

My first concern is her iron levels. They must be kept up. The bleeding depletes them and this low level can further exacerbate the bleeding. This must be done with iron rich foods—such as (in order of most helpful to least) liver, red meat, egg yolk, leafy greens, molasses, dried fruit, bittersweet chocolate, oatmeal, brown rice, and mushrooms—and food-like herbal preparations—like cooked dandelion leaves, and dandelion or yellow dock root vinegar (2 tablespoons a day) or tincture (20-40 drops in water, two times a day). Acids and proteins taken with iron rich foods and herbs help us assimilate them best.

It would also be good to avoid those things that impair iron absorption—such as unfermented soy, bran, large amounts of calcium supplements, caffeine as in coffee and tea, and large amounts of egg yolks. Stinging nettle leaf infusions can also help replace lost minerals.


The herbal tinctures to have on hand that may curb the bleeding are shepherd’s purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris), witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), or lady’s mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris). A dropperful of one of these taken while “flooding” 4-6 times a day, should show at least some effect within the day.

Lady’s mantle may need to be taken 3-5 days to be trully effective since her bleeding has already been going on.

Shepherd’s purse can be taken right under the tongue if needed, more often when worse, and can show some change within hours. Its effect on the uterus, however, may increase bleeding with the first dropperful. It is safe to use over a couple months as needed, though if no results at all are seen in 24 hours, please do switch to another option.

Witch Hazel tincture is prepared from the bark and leaf of the tree; is not the preparation commonly found in drug stores. A dropperful can bring results within hours.

Please do only try one of these three tinctures at a time (it is okay to take concurrently with the iron enhancing tinctures mentioned above), and only consider switching if there is no result at all by the day after beginning.

Love and blessings, Karen Joy
(apprentice to Susun Weed)

photos: Wise Woman Spiral © / Chuck Spidell
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  • fairiesarereal

    October 8, 2011 at 10:58 am


    I am 27 and I was bleeding for over a month and then the bleeding was stopped with birth control. I finished that month’s pack of birth control and when I started teh next I continued to bleed.

    I was wondering if I should use the same herbal remedies mentioned here?

  • K.

    August 15, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    Ive heard of a few other remedies, for example cod liver oil. (As a 13 year old girl with these problems (my worst being a 20 day period, 10 of flooding…. all during lock-these-students-in-a-room-all-day-testing) I happen to be interested in a solution.
    My mother, a docter herself, thinks the option is a hysterectomy, and when I haven’t entered high school, I think not.

  • K.

    August 16, 2013 at 6:36 am

    Also: st. Johns wort.
    Red raspberry leaf (tea)
    Tranexamic Acid

    That’s about as many as I can remember.

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