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Wise Woman Ways
Is Jatoba useful for mold illness?
with herbalist Susun Weed

Hi Susun,
I have been dealing with mold illness and related fatigue and MCS for about 6 years. I recently came across a website that talked about the use of Jatoba as an anti-fungal and adrenal tonic. A woman who had exposure to mold used it with much success. I have not heard of it used by any other source. I was wondering what you know about this herb? Would you recommend it for mold illness or fatigue? Thanks for your response.

Karen Joy’s response (apprentice to Susun Weed):
Jatobá, Hymenaea courbaril, is a tree common in Central and South America. It is also known as Brazilian cherry and highly prized as a hard flooring wood. It does not grow in North America to my knowledge and I have learned to focus my studies on the plants that grow around me, as does Susun.

It is highly possible that the use of this tree for these or similar situations is drawn from the wisdom of the healers of the area. It is questionable though to me how well those who carried it here to market for money understood the intricacies of human health when then suggesting its blanket use.

It is also questionable to me if those wishing to make money off the exotic took the time to learn how, when, and what part of this herb is harvested, and then how it is prepared and administered. Those questions aside, I can not comment further on this herb since I have not yet worked with it.

Dolphin Dreams

There are herbs I love for adrenal nourishment, however I find this an intricate part of our body needing much more attention than a simple herbal tincture or tea. Our adrenals I see as our flexibility, our ability to stretch and reach with the changes of life. For adrenal health I value first dialoguing with a person to explore her stressors and how she chooses to deal with them. I think they are a seat of our innate knowledge and response to life. Their health is dependent on us hearing and respecting this voice within us that knows, our instinct.

I see it too as a store for our life force. There is much in life that requires us to draw from this in time. We need to replenish this with simple nourishment – nourishment of our happiness, joys, passions, gentleness; nourishment of our nutrient store as well. For the latter I favor what first can be prepared in the kitchen, prepared in such a way we are most able to assimilate the nutrition. For an herb I would suggest sipping Nettle leaf infusions throughout the day. Nourishment is done in simple steps on a regular basis, even five minutes a week!

It is common for those needing adrenal support to be hypersensitive to their environment. I consider this a blessing that one can take advantage of to know more intimately what directions to take. It is much like a woman prior to her bleeding whose emotions are louder than ever, allowing her to hear what she may have previously ignored. I imagine this does not feel like a blessing though, and my thoughts are with you. I do encourage you to listen to that inner voice and follow what feels right.

If working in person I would walk with you around your home, nearest your front door or any place you feel most comfortable in nature, to find what plants may be an ally for you at this time.

Love and blessings, Karen Joy
(apprentice to Susun Weed)

photos: Wise Woman Spiral © / Chuck Spidell | Dolphin Dreams ©2001 Suzanne Cheryl Gardner
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