Dear Dr. T,
How effective is food sensitivity testing and a rotation diet for those with CFS/FMS? I just read how Yvonne Keeny eliminated her fibromyalgia in 6 weeks from a rotation diet and supplements. Here is her story. Is this something you use frequently in your practice? If not, why not? Thank you!!

Dr. Teitelbaum’s response:
Food allergies are a significant issue in CFS/Fibromyalgia and in many other illnesses. This is discussed in my newest edition of From Fatigued to Fantastic! (Oct 2007, Penguin/Avery). In fact, we find this issue to be so important that our foundation funded a study using a special allergy elimination and testing technique (see which uses a specialized form of acupressure and muscle testing to find and eliminate allergies.

In the study 30 autistic children were treated with the NAET. By the end of a year of weekly treatments, 23/30 autistic children were back in regular schools (vs 0/30 in the untreated control group). I have also seen CFS and Fibromyalgia go away with NAET. It takes 25-50 simple once a week treatments. I got interested in it when a single 20 minute treatment eliminated my life long hay fever and I have discussed this issue on Oprah and Friends with Dr Oz, CNN and many other national shows as well—so the info is getting out there.

Unfortunately, food allergy blood testing is horribly unreliable. One study showed that if 1 drew 3 tubes of blood from you and sent them to any single lab(except one which is now closed) labeled with different names, each would come back saying you were allergic to 30-50 foods—but which foods would vary dramatically from tube to tube (all drawn from the same person)! I tease doctors that if they going to do food allergy blood testing, don’t bother drawing the blood. Just take any result from the lab and write your patient’s name on it. Even with a random result though, you may get lucky and have the offending foods show up.

So how do I approach food allergies? I find that when I treat the low adrenal and bowel yeast and other infections many of the food allergies go away. If symptoms persist despite going through my treatment protocol, or earlier if symptoms and a total IgE blood level suggests a high allergy load, I recommend the person begin NAET and perhaps an allergy elimination diet.

Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.
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