Hi Susun,
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have been on Armour Thyroid for about a year and a half. I have not noticed any improvement in my health and am considering trying herbs to nourish or rebuild my thyroid. Do you have any suggestions? My goal is to stop using the Armour and care for my thyroid naturally without supplements. Sincere thanks.

Karen Joy’s response (apprentice to Susun Weed):
The premiere herb/weed for thyroid health is seaweed. Any kind, especially fucus/bladderwrack, is wonderful. You can take it dried in capsules or you can prepare it in foods. The latter is preferable, especially when you do not know the harvesters, since this way you can see the quality. It may be preferable that you go off the Armour slowly and increase the seaweed slowly. This is only if you otherwise have a thyroid that is potentially functioning, though. Please do consult with your doctor to determine how best to go off the Armour, or if it is safe at all.

Assuming you are able to care for your thyroid naturally, you may wish to see if there is anything in your daily lifestyle that may have contributed to the hypothyroidism, so you do not continue it. For some, this can be sudden weight loss, lack of quality fats, excess exposure to xenoestrogens, excess of brassicas, salicylates and blood-thinning drugs, and even too much iodine.

Susun speaks about the myriad benefits of seaweeds at length in her book Healing Wise, along with recipes for use. For even more in-depth understanding of thyroid health, Ryan Drum, whom Susun refers to often, is an excellent source.

Love and blessings, Karen Joy
(apprentice to Susun Weed)

photos: Wise Woman Spiral ©iStockphoto.com / Chuck Spidell
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