Dear Dr. T,
Can you explain to me what positive IgG means in a blood test? I was tested for food allergies and came up IgG positive to every food except meat, citrus, rice and potatoes. I tried an elimination diet and found it impossible to stick to. I read on your site that you said to ignore IgG readings in blood tests – does this mean these are not significant?

I am suffering from numerous unexplained symptoms and am starting to wonder if I have a mild case of chronic fatigue. I was diagnosed with gastroparesis earlier this year and my stomach was my main problem but I also suffer from fatigue, unexplained illness and feeling feverish, achy muscles all through my back (no joint pain), inability to exercise without feeling drained for days afterwards, heat intolerance and intolerance to sun exposure (makes me feel very sick), extreme motion sickness and I catch every single cold and virus going around. I don’t know if I have some unexplained autoimmune condition or possibly CFS? Thank you so much if you are able to respond. I feel like I am going crazy not knowing what is going on in my body.

Dr. Teitelbaum’s response:
A positive IgG means that you had that infection sometime in the past when checking for infection. When checking for food I don’t think it means much of anything, and food allergy blood tests are largely unreliable. I recommend instead using an acupressure technique to test for and eliminate food allergies. This technique is called NAET and information and a practitioner near you can be found at To give you an idea, this eliminated my lifelong hay fever in 20 minutes.

This certainly sounds like you have a chronic fatigue syndrome related process, especially if you also have difficulty sleeping. The blood tests are simply not reliable for diagnosing hypothyroidism in this condition (and I believe in general). I recommend that you see a physician at the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers. They have clinics throughout the US and see patients from all over the world (

Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.
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