Dear Stephen,
Please advise me on how to kill giardia. I had a lot of bloating and discomfort which have much reduced using a herbal anti-parasitic compound (Vitacleanse), colloidal silver and oregano oil. I have had good results from all three, but it is still there and presently is trying to re-assert itself. I have used antibiotics in the past which reduced the bloating but never eradicated the problem. Please could you advise me on what course I should follow to finish the infestation, I believe it is giardia, as this was found at the outset of my condition which was some years ago. Thanks.

Stephen’s response:
There are a lot of things that can help. Here are a few: tree of heaven bark (ailanthus spp). Dry the bark, run through a blender, make a tea: 8 ounces of hot water to 3 tablespoons of the herb. Let stand covered overnight, take 1-2 ounces up to 5x daily. (A tincture will also work.)

Tree of heaven is an invasive botanical, you can find it almost anyplace there is water. Few people sell it because they think it a weed rather than an herb. Call an herbalist in your area or www.woodlandessence.com for the tree of heaven – they will probably make it for you if they don’t have it in stock.

Also: desert willow and chaparro amargosa tinctures, blended equal parts, take 1/2 – 1 tsp 3x daily.

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