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FOCUS ON: Cancer

the price we pay for living in a carcinogenic landscape

Focus On: CancerOur mantra here at Planet Thrive: healing can happen through dietary change and elimination of toxic environmental exposures. Unfortunately, in our culture today, poor dietary habits and exposure to a multitude of indoor and outdoor pollutants are the norm, not the exception. And when they are accepted as “normal,” most people just cannot recognize the harm in them.

It starts before conception, when most parents take no preparatory measures to improve their diet or lifestyle, as couples in some traditional societies have done in the past. During pregnancy, most women use a wide assortment of synthetic chemical products on their bodies and in their homes and workplaces, and many continue to take prescription drugs for preexistent conditions. Even the birth event itself is a toxic insult to the newborn; most of us don’t think twice about birthing in a potentially toxic environment like a hospital—with it’s strong disinfectant chemicals, superbug infestations, and fragrance-laden staff.

Our infants are then swathed in chemical-containing ointments and lotions for rashes, dry skin, and eczema, wrapped in blankets that were woven from pesticide-grown fibers and laundered in synthetic detergents, and surrounded by new products—crib, toys, stuffed animals—that emit noxious fumes. A new nursing mother may improve her diet for baby, but is most likely still eating processed foods containing artificial preservatives and dyes, and a harmful amount of sugar and yeast.

The stage is set for a lifetime of health challenges as a child grows and is taught to incorporate chemicals into all parts of their everyday life. Starting early in adolescence, young girls mimic adults and adopt a daily grooming regimen that includes cosmetics and personal care products containing carcinogenic ingredients. In schools and universities, we are exposed to pesticides and toxic mold and are encouraged to buy junk food in vending machines. Once entering the workforce, we then become exposed to an infinite amount of chemicals—from printing inks in copier machines, to PVCs in computers, and formaldehyde and fire retardants in new office furniture, carpeting, you name it. Add to that the invisible cloud of electrosmog that blankets the earth (think cellphones, WiFi, Blackberrys, etc.) that undeniably adds to our total toxic burden.

Most people fool themselves by thinking “if it wasn’t safe, it wouldn’t be allowed”—placing far too much trust in our government to regulate businesses. The fact is, testing most products for long-term safety is not required, and studies on the synergistic effect of the many products/chemicals/sources of electromagnetic radiation that our children, seniors, pets, are exposed to daily are close to nonexistent. Even now our government is allowing the biggest experiment on humans with genetically modified foods, which do not require labeling—unbeknownst to the general public, we are eating foods that were created with viral DNA.

It’s no wonder that in 2007 alone, there were over a million new cases of cancer in America. And most people are deceived into following their physician’s advice to use radiation and chemotherapy to fight the cancer without realizing that by their very nature, these therapies destroy the body’s ability to defend itself by damaging the immune system. Amazingly, the obvious approach of using diet, lifestyle, and environmental changes to combat cancer is still considered “alternative” and is even shunned by many, when in fact, a poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and toxic environment (what has become the norm in our fast-paced culture) are the primary causes of cancer. If you don’t remove the cause, the cancer is sure to come right back.

And when a loved one gets sick and you donate to a “race for the cure” in an effort to do something productive, you are not helping find a cure for cancer. You are merely lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies.

From where we sit, it’s like helplessly watching the cycle of violence continue in war-torn countries. People get sick, throw rocks at the cancer, then continue the behavior that caused the cancer in the first place and the cycle continues. When in reality, the cure for cancer is simple: prevention.

Because cancer is more a disease of our material-driven culture, not necessarily of the individual (not to say that the choices we make during our lifetime won’t put us in greater or less risk of getting cancer), those who truly want to eradicate cancer should start with prevention in their own home. It is a fallacy—and major downfall of society’s—to view cancer as a disease afflicted on a select few when we all have a hand in causing that cancer.

Whether you are currently sick or not, clean up your diet of junk food and sugar, use natural, organic products on your body and in your home and garden, and start to change the chemical landscape that lies at the root of cancer. When we all start to take responsibility for our own as well as our collective health rather than relying on invisible forces (e.g., pharmaceutical companies, governments, businesses, higher powers, etc.) to watch out for us, then we will truly be participating in a race for the cure. Please use the links and recommended resources below to help you make empowering dietary and lifestyle changes that can be used in conjunction with any other treatment choices.

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