Compounding PharmaciesOur list of compounding pharmacies that are familiar with the stringent needs of the chemically sensitive community.

Abrams Royal Compounding Pharmacy
This is the compounding pharmacy used by Dr. William J. Rea of the Environmental Health Center-Dallas (EHC-D). If you are looking for filler free, dye free, sugar free, etc. versions of prescription drugs and other formulas, you can find them here. Used by many with chemical sensitivity. 214.349.8000 / 800.458.0804

Hopkinton Drug
Compounding pharmacy that some have used for the Shoemaker Biotoxin-Related Illness Protocol, based in Massachusetts–providing sugar, dye, and additive free Cholestyramine for those who are chemically sensitive. 800.439.4441

Integrative Care Natural Pharmacy
Located in Minnesota 800.328.9261

Key Pharmacy
Preferred compounding pharmacy for the Ziem/Pall Neural Protocol (nebulized Glutathione, sublingual Vitamin B-12, and other compounded supplements) and the Andy Cutler Mercury Chelation Protocol (DMPS, DMSA)–located in Washington state 800.878.1322

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