Heavenly Heat SaunaHeat depuration therapy is commonly used by the autism and chemically sensitive communities to assist in a detoxification program. The most popular brand of sauna is Heavenly Heat. Here are some resources to buy or make your own.

Buy or Make Your Own
Dr. Larry Wilson’s Sauna Therapy
Directions on how to make or purchase an electric light infrared sauna and other excerpts from Dr. Wilson’s book, Sauna Therapy, with 16 chapters on sauna physiology, procedures, protocols, cautions, construction details and many references for sauna therapy.

Auctions for Heavenly Heat and other popular brand saunas. Try a search for “Heavenly Heat sauna,” “infrared sauna,” “poplar sauna,” and other related terms.

Finnish Sauna Directory
Links to Finnish sauna manufacturers around the world

Heavenly Heat
Made for the chemically sensitive person – this is the same wood sauna as used by Dr. William Rea (he also uses ceramic saunas) at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas and by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in Washington state. 800.697.2862

Sunlight Saunas
manufacturer of far-infrared saunas 877.292.0020

Sunshine Fir Heaters
an alternative to the wood sauna

FIR Sauna Vs. Toxins and Disease
PDF excerpts from the book Detoxify or Die by Sherry A. Rogers, MD. excerpt 1 excerpt 2

Heat Depuration and Physical Therapy
PDF download of a presentation by Dr. William Rea.

Reducing Body Burdens Using Sauna Methods of Detoxification
PDF download of a summary of methods and results from the World Trade Center Rescue Workers Cohort, by Dr. Kathleen Kerr.

Biomedical Autism Intervention – Infrared Sauna Therapy For Autism Recovery

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