Dear Stephen,
First I want to thank you for allowing us to ask questions and graciously taking the time to answer. I am newly diagnosed but have had Lymes/co-infections for a very long time (am in late stages). I have your book but have not read cover to cover yet so I apologize if I am asking something that is addressed in your book. The co-infections I have are both of the ehrlichiosis (HGE & HMC) which are reading very high infection, and only slight reading of Bartonella (one speck showing on blood smear of 80-100 cells). CD-57 is 57….very low (not sure if that is helpful for you to know).

I would say the disease has manifested mostly in my GI tract with only some neurological stuff, but have had fibromyalgia for 20 years. Lastly and my biggest complaint right now is I have severe eczema all over my arms, legs and chest for past 5 months. I am extremely sensitive to everything and have to take very small amounts of any type of herbal or homeopathic remedy else I have reactions and even then I still have reactions (herxing)….and any type of detox or die off can exacerbate the eczema which leads me to my question. What is the best remedy to start with based on my extreme sensitivity and the eczema?

My doc gave me three tinctures – stephania, andrographis, and Japanese knotweed. Or is there another one I should be starting with instead of any of those three? Thank you so much!

Stephen’s response:
I would recommend you do a cleansing diet (see my fasting book or any similar good one) to lower the impact on your GI tract and to let it begin to heal and go from that into a juice fast of some sort. I would use Pepto Bismol during that to work on the bacteria in your GI tract. Then I would reintroduce foods slowly so that the GI tract is not overwhelmed. Given your skin condition I would be careful of the andrographis as it can cause allergic skin reactions. Stephania, knotweed, and cat’s claw I would highly recommend. An herbal steroidal skin cream can help with reducing the eczema condition (very different than pharmaceutical steroids). You can get some from julie@gaianstudies.org.

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