Lyme Disease & Co-Infections SupportSupport for those suffering from lyme disease and co-infections, including babesia, bartonella and ehrlichia.

Advocacy for Patients
Where patients can get free information, advice and advocacy services regarding medical records, health insurance, private disability insurance coverage, Social Security Disability Income, Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, work and school accommodation for chronic illnesses, and much more!

The Invisible Disabilities Advocate
“Helping people understand chronic illness and pain!”

Lyme and Rife
Support group that focuses on fighting Lyme with Rife machines, but also discusses other alternative approaches.

Lyme Community
Lyme Community Forums with over 1,500 registered users—where Lymies can discuss treatments, ask questions and support one another.

Lyme Strategies
Dedicated to the ongoing research of practical approaches to Lyme infection, based primarily upon the Oral Salt/Vitamin C protocol, with which some members are having amazing results, relieved of symptoms that have plagued them for over 15 years!

A large forum site run by the Lyme Disease Network, a non-profit organization funded by individual donations.

Planet Thrive
Home of master herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner’s “Healing Lyme” Q & A, lyme forum, “Healing Lyme” and “Lymeville” support groups, and other invaluable resources for lyme disease and co-infections.

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