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Salt / Vitamin C

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Sea salt/Vitamin C Lyme ProtocolThe basic protocol entails taking salt and vitamin C together in a certain proportion based on your body weight, in equal doses throughout the day. This approach is based on the theory that increasing sodium chloride concentration in the body will create a hostile environment for certain Lyme bacteria and co-infectors causing them to die from osmotic shock. The addition of vitamin C creates some sort of reaction that is yet unexplained, but very real. The dosage starts small and is ramped up according to what one is able to handle due to die-off reactions, which occur when the bacteria die and release toxins that further burden the body. Sometimes die-off symptoms can be equal to or worse than the illness, so great care and caution must be taken.

The protocol includes a handful of helpful adjuncts for binding toxins, oxygenating the blood, and supplementing minerals. This is a relatively new protocol that is showing great promise for some who have suffered many, many years with debilitating Lyme symptoms and were unhelped by antibiotics and other therapies. Please consult with a qualified Lyme literate physician who is aware of your health history before proceeding with any treatment protocol.

A very wonderful Yahoo support group for this protocol with over 2,000 members is Lyme Strategies.

sources:, Lyme Strategies, Protocol for Beginners, Lyme Strategies Advanced Resources (scroll down)

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