Site Unseen, in Chicago this November

Site Unseen 2009 rehearsalsource:

One of my favorite people, performance artist Julie Laffin, is curating Site Unseen 2009 this November for the The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. This year’s theme is disability and as part of the show, Julie will appear larger than life, piped in through Skype onto a projection screen. Her appearance is part of a performance piece she crafted with long-time collaborator (and this year’s assistant curator) Clover Morell in order to help increase visibility of the effects of environmental illness. Julie suffers from severe chemical sensitivity and chronic lyme disease and was unable to attend the show she curated last year due to her disability. This year’s theme came about as a result of Julie’s strong relationship with Chicago DCA Theater Director Claire Geall Sutton. The show will take place at the Chicago Cultural Center on Monday, November 09, 2009 from 6:00 pm — 9:00 pm and is free to the public. Stay tuned to Planet Thrive for a recap of the event by Julie herself.

EI brochure front EI brochure back

Environmental illness educational brochure to be distributed during Julie Laffin’s performance.
(click images to see full size)

For more information please see: PerformInk article | | Site Unseen blog | |

photo: © John W. Sisson, Jr./Courtesy The Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs

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