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Mental Treatment

Mental Treatment

This is, without a doubt, one of the darker comics in the CounterThink collection. But it’s also very important to cover. The history of Big Pharma is traced right back to Nazi Germany, where scientists working for Bayer were running inhumane medical experiments on Jewish prisoners. I include photos and historical documentation in my book, Natural Health Solutions, and the conspiracy to keep you from knowing about them.

For example, IG Farben, which committed numerous crimes against humanity and was charged with enslavement, torture and extermination of prisoners, was dissolved by the Nuremberg War Tribunal and split into three companies:

* Bayer
* Hoechst (now Aventis)

… all three of which are now major pharmaceutical companies.

Carl Wurster served as chairman of the board for BASF through 1974. During WWII, he was on the board of the company that manufactured Zyklon-B gas.

Helmut Kohl, the former chancellor of Germany for 16 years, was a paid lobbyist for the German pharmaceutical and chemical industries, with roots tracing back to IG Farben and the Nazi regime.

The U.S. pharmaceutical industry that exists today is a direct extension of the Nazi Germany pharmaceutical industry, where prisoners were routinely used for medical experiments, medical ethics were grossly violated, and human beings were considered “resources” for medical experiments testing new synthetic chemicals (later to become called “prescription drugs”).

About Bayer’s involvement in these medical experiments, a former Auschwitz prisoner testified on the record:

“There was a large ward of tuberculars on block 20. The Bayer Company sent medications in unmarked and unnamed ampoules. The tuberculars were injected with this. These unfortunate people were never killed in the gas chambers. One only had to wait for them to die, which did not take long… 150 Jewish women that had been brought from the camp attendant by Bayer… served for experiments with unknown hormonal preparations.”

Read my book, Natural Health Solutions, and the conspiracy to keep you from knowing about them, to learn even more shocking details about the history of the pharmaceutical industry. See pages 142 – 152 for shocking details and historical evidence.

The real history of Big Pharma is so dark and terrifying that every time I see an ad for the Bayer company, I can’t help seeing images of emaciated female prisoners, starved to the bone, being used as guinea pigs for deadly medical experiments executed in concentration camps.

Little has changed since then, in my opinion. Drug companies still use the population as guinea pigs, but they disguise it as “evidence-based medicine.” They still kill 100,000+ Americans each year (almost as if they had declared war on the American people), but they disguise it as “treatment.” They still seek to bankrupt the people and siphon off profits from national economies, but they call it “investment.” It’s the same scam as IG Farben, just prettied up to look more palatable to modern doctors, consumers and journalists.

The history of modern psychiatry
This comic focuses on psychiatric “treatment” using synthetic chemicals. The history of psychiatry is absolutely horrifying. Visit the Citizens’ Commission on Humans Rights to learn the truth about psychiatry and the “mental health” agenda. They have an absolutely jaw-dropping video documentary, too, called, “PSCHIATRY: An industry of death” that will leave you breathless, if not downright nauseated.

Today, mental disorders are invented and marketed as “diseases” in order to push psychotropic drugs onto children, adults, senior citizens and even infants as young as one year old. Read our coverage of this topic at

The toughest part about creating this comic was getting the little Nazi symbols onto the “T” in Ritalin and the “Z” in Prozac, without making the letters look like other letters. It’s harder than you might think. Dan and I had to go back and forth several times to get that little detail right.

Some people tell me that if I want these comics to be accepted by the mainstream, I shouldn’t bring up Nazi Germany. Hogwash. Part of my mission is to tell the truth about topics that matter, including the drugging of our nation’s children by overzealous (and extremely dangerous) psychiatrists who are little more than front men for Big Pharma, an industry of death and profit. In America today, we are still prisoners under a system of monopoly medicine, where corrupt government regulators and evil corporate CEOs unleash dangerous, deadly chemicals upon the general public after receiving FDA approvals based on blatant scientific fraud.

In six decades, very little has actually changed. In fact, there’s still a war being waged — a war against the American people, masterminded and fought by the FDA, the AMA and drug companies, all of which, in my opinion, aim to keep the American people enslaved, diseased, and prisoners to a system of medicine that will never make them healthy.

A diseased, drugged-up population is far easier to control, of course. And it’s brilliantly simple to extract earnings and economic productivity from the population if you can convince them all that they’re “diseased” and need “treatment” for any number of fictitious medical conditions that were simply dreamed up, hyped and marketed by Big Pharma.

CounterThink cartoons graciously contributed
by Mike Adams and Dan Berger of

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posted by earthwalker on November 26, 2009 | tags: ,


  • Shaynne Greene

    February 19, 2012 at 5:00 am

    Any chance of a cartoon, on compound 1080, invented by Hitlers scientists, onsold to Monsanto, then to Charles Wiggley, Tull Chemicals. Oxford Alabama USA. Kills every thing breathing oxygen, we have imported, spread, manufactured, onsoldl 90% of production for over 60 years, 7 drops can kill a human with no antidote. Check out the World Health Organization or Chemical Book, Predator Defense for more or STOP 1080 NZ.

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