Annie HopperMurray Langdon, a radio host from Canada’s CFAX 1070 station, talks with Annie Hopper, a former core belief counselor who claims she rewired her brain using neural plasticity exercises and healed herself from severe chemical and electrical sensitivities, as well as fibromyalgia. Annie now offers 3-day Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ workshops in British Columbia and other locations in Canada and the U.S. At the height of her illness, Annie says she was homeless and had to stay at a campground for two weeks because she could no longer tolerate her home environment. She then stayed in a houseboat for several months before finding a non-toxic home in a housing community in British Columbia.

Although she no longer suffers from chemical sensitivities, Annie still advocates for global change in the way we use chemicals and treat the planet. To learn more about her brain retraining program, visit Annie’s website and read our interview with her: Rewiring the Chemically Sensitive Brain.

(click the play arrow below to listen to the interview)

C-Fax 1070 Radio

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