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Call for chemical free zone

stop harming our children

Chemical Free ZoneTami Duncan, Executive Director of the Lyme Induced Autism Foundation (LIA Foundation), asks parents and practitioners to refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, and other scented products when interacting with autistic children. We at Planet Thrive would extend that to ALL children, who are more vulnerable than adults to the toxic chemicals in fragranced products—imagine all the learning that could be done in a school environment free of toxic scents, as well as the reduction of aggressive behavior.

Her foundation offers letters and signs that parents can download and bring to therapists, physicians, teachers, and others who provide treatment to their children. One sign reads: “CHEMICAL FREE ZONE Please refrain from wearing perfume, scented lotions, and using your cell phone. We have clients who are very sensitive to these exposures.”

In the LIA Foundation’s recent newsletter, Tami asks:

As a parent of a child with autism and Lyme disease I am sending out a plea to all parents, teachers, therapists, doctors..quite frankly, anyone who works with our families. PLEASE…be considerate of our children. They cannot heal when they are exposed to dangerous chemicals and toxins.

Our children are suffering everyday in therapy rooms where their therapists are wearing perfume, where the room has been cleaned with harsh chemicals. This needs to stop.

I challenge every parent to download the letter and give it to each of the people who work with your child. I challenge doctors offices, therapy offices to make solid changes to help make a chemical free zone for these families.

I challenge you all to do what needs to be done to PREVENT anymore “canaries from entering the coalmine.” Do your part.

Downloadable forms and sign can be found on:

Thank you!

Tami Duncan
Executive Director

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  • Julie Laffifn

    November 5, 2009 at 11:25 am

    this is so encouraging. we need to turn this tide.

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