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Healing Lyme
Bartonella – protozoan?
with Stephen Harrod Buhner, master herbalist


Dear Stephen,
I have been sick around 3 years and have been on antibiotics for 1 year. My test results are as followed: *Bartonella titer (positive); *Western Blot band 41 (positive); *Positive Blood Smear (Frylabs) “Hemobartonella – Protozoan.” Current Treatment: *Biaxin (1000mg) Plaquenil (200mg) *Garlic (2.4grams – 3.2grams) *Transfer Factor Multi-Immune *Vitamin D3 5000mg. Have treated previously with: *Rizols My *Zhang Protocol (Artmesia-HH Capsule…etc). After one year of treatment with Macrolides, I am around 80%…or close. I continue to have stretch marks, vascular issues and chronic pain. What treatments of your protocol would you suggest for me to try…since I have never tested positive for Lyme, only Bartonella and a possible Protozoan “blood borne” infection (Frylabs)? Thanks.

Stephen’s response:
I would suggest knotweed, eleuthero, and red root. And perhaps. . . cryptolepis tincture ( for protozoan blood borne infection.

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