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Dr. Oz Features ME/CFS and XMRV

Dr. Oz ShowOn December 3, 2009 the Dr. Oz Show focused on the recent XMRV retrovirus discovery and its implications for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)/myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). In the video clip below, Dr. Oz speaks with Donnica Moore, MD, as well as a recovered patient and shares an animation video showing how the virus incorporates itself into the DNA within our cells. It’s an interesting segment but he ended it by saying that people with CFS/ME should try to exercise no matter how little. From what I know about CFS/ME, exercise can be very dangerous for some people. We would love to hear from those that saw the whole show and can share how they felt the issue was handled. Please leave your comments below.

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posted by earthwalker on December 6, 2009 | 1,937 views | tags: , , , , ,


  • Bluebird52

    December 6, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    I just watched the clip. As someone with CFIDS/FM/MCS diagnosis, I can second the idea about exercise. The less I exercise, the less well I sleep, perpetuating the CFIDS cycle. Any form of mild exercise, even going to the mailbox, as they suggest, if that’s your limit, is very important. You have to just know your limit and walk to that and no more, and of course rest afterwards for awhile.

    The show left a number of questions unanswered. If the retrovirus is contagious, but not by air, how is it transmitted? I get nervous about the contagious aspect, as that has the potential to isolate us even further, if people are afraid to be around us socially for fear of catching it. And it’s pretty depressing if it’s with us for good and not able to get out of the DNA.

  • earthwalker

    December 6, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    That is great to hear, about the exercise. The people I know who have said it is dangerous are those in very severe condition. So your comment makes a lot of sense, to know your limit. The more severe, probably the less you can do without suffering grave repercussions. I still wonder how much of a grasp Dr. Oz has on the illness and range of suffering out there. Kudos to him for focusing on this illness and discovery, though. I liked what I heard on the video clip.

    In terms of the virus becoming you, it’s the same with the herpes virus. I don’t know much about retroviruses and how they differ from regular viruses, but I do know that herpes sufferers do not have active virus 100% of the time. If their immune system is strong enough, they can keep symptoms in check.

    I am hoping that the same could be said for XMRV sufferers, with the right type of nutritional, metabolic, etc. support.

    Let’s hope more answers are forthcoming in the next year as more funds are appropriated to study this condition.

  • Matthew Smith

    July 24, 2010 at 9:38 am

    Exercise can be very dangerous for someone with ME, not just severe ME (in fact, the person with severe ME is unlikely to be able to do any exercise, so ironically they are those less in danger from this suggestion as the damage has already been done). Many people have been pushed into severe ME by over-exertion either when they were moderately affected, or when first ill.

  • Jeff D Linke

    August 10, 2012 at 8:24 am

    I have to comment: I am suffering from an over-exertion right now, actually for the past 5 days of being totally bedridden and it is no fun. I have a feeling I personally was predisposed to ME/CFS as I had some light symptoms as a child. I am a 41 year old male. I have been struggling significantly with this since 1991 when I didn’t know what the heck was happening to me. In 1998, when my daughter was born I had a back fusion with instrumentation….All because the doctor said that it could be what was causing my symptoms, and I had excellent insurance which guaranteed a great paycheck for them. I was really never able to recover and never healed correctly, so now I suffer from intractable back pain along with ME/CFS. I hope something is discovered. If I ever beat this I will dedicate my life to helping others period. No one knows how this can totally ruin one’s life.
    P.S. My Testosterone Levels have almost totally disappeared, I used to have a very exceptional sex drive and now none. I feel my chest muscles literally turning to jello as they twitch, this is absolutely one horrible feeling. Most of my problems are in my gut and intestinal tract in which I have excess gas along with unstoppable sugar cravings. It is like I am feeding two entities, but the other is getting the nutrition.

    Jeff D Linke jdlinke a yahoo
    Feel free to contact me, the more we can share the more we will learn about this debilitation monster.

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