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Chicago Tribune features chemically sensitive artist

article about Julie Laffin published in today’s Metro section

Julie Laffin in The Chicago Tribune

Julie Laffin, a Chicago-based performance artist who has transformed her work as a result of becoming severely chemically sensitive, has been featured (click here for the condensed online version of the article) in the Metro section of the Chicago Tribune. Tribune reporter Alejandra Cancino writes of the struggle and losses Laffin and her husband Andy Cook have had to endure due to the illness, and how Laffin has been able to evolve her work to accommodate her illness — and at the same time, help to educate others about it.

The article is compassionate and positive and does nothing to detract from the serious physiological nature of the illness, as most mainstream media has felt the need to do in past articles featuring chemical sensitivity. Bravo to Laffin, Cancino and The Chicago Tribune for presenting an inspiring account of one woman’s struggle to overcome a serious and severely isolating disability.

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  • L. S. Ivey

    January 16, 2010 at 12:52 pm


    Just reading the news and found Arthur in Santa Fe. I have suffered for over 20 years and had an auto accident 12 years ago leaving be completely disabled. Thank you for your beauty and compassion to Arthur. I think we saw in the responses the atypical responses. May we dialogue? What is this contest to enter in Chicago? I am in the Rocky Mountains and need to come to Chicago & meet w/Dystonia Foundation.

    One thing I have learned is everyone’s responses are different. Just like races, we need to respect those differences. I applaud Arthur and know what he has been experiencing. I don’t chose to banter with silliness – that energy conservation we all mandate.

    The best to you,

  • live with mcs

    January 18, 2010 at 10:53 am

    This my dear Julie is wonderful that they did such an indepth artical on you. I can only hope it touched many others to where they opened their eyes and saw this illness existed if they didn’t know about it (which most haven’t) and how it changes lives, yours in this case! It was great you put yourself out there like that!

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