James Madison University MCS Research TeamDr. Pam Gibson and the James Madison University (JMU) MCS research team are seeking people with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)/environmental sensitivities, either self or physician diagnosed who are currently employed or have been employed in the past while having MCS for a study titled “Work Experiences of Persons with MCS.” If you are 18 or older, they are interested in your workplace experiences, including your perceptions of the treatment you received from managers and co-workers. If you would be willing to complete a survey online or in hardcopy they would very much appreciate your participation.

The purpose of this study is to better understand the experiences of those with chemical sensitivity who are either currently employed or have been employed in the past while having Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). The MCS research team is interested in accommodations and treatment from supervisors and co-workers and will also ask about the severity of your condition and whether or not you have ever sought legal action regarding the workplace. Depending upon your experiences to report, participation in this study will require between 30 and 60 minutes of your time. Potential benefits from participation in this study include contributing to the growing body of data that may help other persons living with MCS to achieve a positive work situation.

The online survey is available here. For an email survey: contact gibsonpr@jmu.edu or call 540-568-6198 to receive a hard copy.

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