Age of Synthetic Chemicals

At some point in the far future, geologists will study the sediment layers of our planet and discover an extremely toxic layer of pollution and chemicals starting at around the year 1920 and steadily growing through at least 2010. The cause of the toxic layer? Mankind’s steady pollution of the planet through food additives, prescription medicines, weapons testing, agricultural runoff, coal-fired power plants, cattle ranching operations, combustion engine pollution and other such things. Truly, no society in human history has polluted the planet more than ours today, and the United States is the world leader in both pollution and consumption per capita. (It’s nice to be #1 at something, huh?)

Most people get this comic within a few seconds, but not everyone. You have to notice that all the men in the scene have breasts. And then the punch line kicks in: These people all have dual sex organs!

Lest you think this is some far-fetched fantasy, recall that HRT prescription drugs (Hormone Replacement Therapy) are already causing the fish in rivers and streams to develop dual sex organs. These drugs, which contain hormone mimickers, severely disrupt normal hormone balance in living systems. And while they’re only affecting aquatic life today (which is bad enough!), tomorrow they could end up in the public water supplies, being consumed by families who still haven’t figured out they should never drink municipal water.

And that means we could be exposing future generations to low-dose HRT therapy. So what happens when infant boys and girls start swallowing HRT drugs? Nobody knows. It hasn’t been tested, and neither Big Pharma nor the EPA demonstrates any concern whatsoever for the environmental impact of prescription drugs. What it all means is that we are all participating in a grand chemical experiment, and the results may only become obvious to future scientists who will likely label modern times as, “The Age of Synthetic Chemicals.”

And who’s running this grand chemical experiment? Companies like DuPont, Monsanto and Kraft Foods are major players, as they introduce all sorts of chemicals into the crops, processed foods, consumer products, etc. There’s also Big Pharma, Big Oil, mining operations, aluminum processing, nuclear materials processing and many other examples. When it comes to foods and drugs, the EPA utterly ignores the risk, the FDA nods and winks, and the scientific community pretends we can all find, “Better living through chemistry.”

It all sounds great on paper. That is, until YOUR baby is born with female reproductive organs, a set of testes, six fingers and a tail. That’s when it gets personal. We are about to witness the emergence of actual mutants on planet Earth. And I don’t mean the X-Men with super powers, I mean mutant human beings with severe deformities, brain dysfunction and a sharp loss of reproductive capability. If we’re lucky, there will be somebody left in the year 3000 to actually study our present time, but even that’s not a given. Thanks to massive, accelerating destruction of the delicate ecosystems that support all life on the planet, human beings could be the first species to literally destroy the global habitat to the point where it wipes itself out of existence.

CounterThink cartoons graciously contributed
by Mike Adams and Dan Berger of

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