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Healing Lyme
Breastfeeding and treating Lyme
with Stephen Harrod Buhner, master herbalist


Dear Stephen,
I am a 46 yr old Mom to 3 kids (all with Lyme, one with autism). I am still nursing my 2 year old and am wondering if there is anything I should NOT take to treat myself. I am gearing up for the Buhner protocol (have the book) and also have a few things from Nutramedix (HH & Burbur). I also have a high ANA and am taking high dose Serrapeptase and maintaining a very restricted diet to control symptoms as much as possible to avoid medication. I seem to have RA by my symptoms. I am also positive for Babesia and Bartonella. Also on the laundry list are severe adrenal fatigue, high viral titers, Candida and circulatory problems. I am thinking that by treating myself, I will also treat my youngest through the breastmilk somewhat. Is my thinking off? Thanks for the help and the great book!!

Stephen’s response:
Yes, herbs do go through breast milk. The doses should be low enough to be fine, especially since the youngest has lyme as well. It will be a good way to treat them actually.

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