Eco-CasitaLaurie Tümer is a photographer and teacher who lives with chemical sensitivities and multiple sclerosis in Espanola, New Mexico, where she runs the Eco-Casitas for Traveling Canaries. Julie Genser, founder of and, asked her to share her experiences as a landlord for people with chemical, electrical, and other environmental sensitivities.

In the interview, Laurie explains how she decontaminated her home from a past synthetic pesticide contamination:

First, I contacted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and followed their recommendations. A foot of dirt around the periphery of the building was first dug up and replaced with river rock. Then I contracted with a environmental company that cleans up toxic messes and worked closely with a chemist there. A friend had used a procedure she read about and tried with success. It neutralizes the gases of synthetic pyrethroids and other pesticides. The chemist studied the science behind the protocol and agreed to do the procedure.”

Read the full interview to find out what other measures Laurie took to make her home and her rental property safe.

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