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Healing Lyme
Lyme arthritis
with Stephen Harrod Buhner, master herbalist


Dear Stephen,
I just read your book Healing Lyme. My symptom is arthritis. I tested positive for lyme but my doctor still says my knee arthritis/cartilage deterioration is due to activity (sports/wear and tear…I’m 43) not lyme. I don’t believe him. I took oral antibiotics for two months and intravenously for one month. After 2 months off antibiotics my knees have started to hurt again. So should I take every herb listed on the core protocol, plus the arthritis protocol?

Stephen’s response:
Here is what I would do to begin with:
Cat‘s claw
Teasel root tincture
Glucosamine sulfate 4,000 mg daily (2,000 am and pm)

If that doesn’t take care of it within two-three months, add:
Cal/mag effervescent powder from Thorne Research
Vitamin D3, 20,000 IU daily

And possibly:
Selenium 200 mcg daily
Zinc picolinate 50 mg daily until symptoms resolve

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  • Melisa

    May 17, 2010 at 9:27 am

    Dear Stephen,
    I was diagnosed last November 2009 with 3rd stage Lyme. I have not had a positive ELISA test here in Canada, it was a clinical diagnosis and my story dates back to May 2002. I was very blessed to meet a woman who loaned me a copy of your book which I attempted to read during my worst mental state of stupor last year and then I purchased my own copy. I keep it by my side – love it and am trying some of your protocols…I have hosted 3 Community Awreness screenings of the film Under Our Skin this month of May and have 1 more on the 24th. At the screenings I am providing information from and as well as a “Lyme fact sheet” where I have listed common misconceptions about Lyme, ticks, transmission etc. I am including your statements in Healing Lyme re: transmission being documented via biting flies and mites. and explaining what you have about the mosquitos. I have received emails from a couple of different parties who aren’t sure I should be doing that. Would it be possible for you to provide me with the studies from Connecticut, Germany and Russia that document this so that I could provide the information to those questionning me?
    Many,many thanks for writing Healing Lyme, I wouldn’t be walking or talking properly today if I didn’t deal with this disease naturally as well as with the abx.
    Best Regards,

  • earthwalker

    May 18, 2010 at 11:51 am

    Hi Melisa,
    Stephen answers the questions about his book Healing Lyme and herbal protocol submitted through his Q & A column, but I don’t know whether he will read your comment here or not. He is very busy and I’m not sure that he comes to the site to read the comments on posts. If you want to be sure your message reaches him, please contact him directly through his website at Thanks!

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