My root canal extraction adventure

tips on removing an infected tooth when you have chemical and electrical sensitivities

root canal

I heard years ago that root canals were potentially harmful to your health. I read about the research of Weston A. Price, D.D.S. from the 1930’s where he implanted root canal teeth from sick patients under the skin of rabbits, and in almost every case, the rabbits developed the same disease of the patient, sometimes even dieing within a few days. His experiments showed that bacteria trapped within the tubules of root-filled teeth migrated throughout the body, infecting organs, glands, and tissues. It seemed logical then to wonder if my Crohn’s disease, symptoms of which started around the time I received my root canal at age 13, was actually an infection that had migrated from my front tooth. Dr. Price’s experiments were part of a 25 year root canal research program carried out under the auspices of the American Dental Association (ADA) and then covered up, according to George Meinig’s book Root Canal Cover-Up.

Dr. Price found that many types of degenerative illnesses – heart/kidney/lung/bladder and others diseases – could be transferred to the rabbits. Not just from implanting the whole infected teeth under their skin, but also by embedding small pieces of the root, injecting pulverized teeth (a powder), or even just the toxins from the teeth after being cultured in the lab. The other part of his experiment showed that a lot of his patients recovered from their afflictions after removing the root canal teeth. For a person who is chronically ill and has exhausted other avenues of treatment, hearing this news can provide much needed hope and direction.

I consulted with a holistic dentist after suffering (in addition to a life lived with Crohn’s disease) severe mercury poisoning from a broken thermometer in my late twenties, chronic lyme disease, and a chemical injury to my lungs and brain from a toxic outdoor fire when I was 32. I developed severe and extensive food allergies almost overnight a month after the fire incident, and had classic mercury toxicity symptoms (a rash on my face – misdiagnosed as rosacea – inappropriate flushing of the face, severe anxiety, panic attacks, dulled thinking, dyslexia, moroseness, social withdrawal, and other symptoms). What I didn’t understand then, is that I was becoming severely environmentally intolerant, on my way to becoming what they call a “universal reactor.” Nonetheless, I knew I was losing my health and as soon as I found out I had mercury poisoning, I decided to have my mercury amalgams removed and replaced with bio-compatible composite materials. I asked my holistic dentist about extracting my root canal but she was quite hesitant to recommend I remove my front tooth, mostly because the tooth replacement options – an implant, bridge, or removable partial – were not ideal and each one of them could potentially create new health problems for me. Plus, she had not observed great health improvements in her patients who had removed root canals in the past. She encouraged me to wait and only go down that path as a last resort.

Fast forward almost eight years. I have lost everything from my former life: my highly prized rent-stabilized NYC studio on a tree-lined block in the village, my friends, my career, my material possessions (clothes, books, CDs, furniture, etc.), my passions (photography, Middle Eastern music and dance), even my family. I live in what amounts to a metal box with concrete floors in the middle of the high desert in Arizona, my worldly goods pared down to what fits in my car. I am disabled by environmental illness. I have only a few tolerable outfits to my name. No bedding except for a pillow. An inability to use overhead fans, a/c units, most heating systems, dishwashers, microwaves, cell phones, even T.V. My diet is severely limited and I can only tolerate Mountain Valley spring water, bottled in glass, for drinking. I haven’t had a normal bowel movement in almost six years; my particular form of “Crohn’s” is an unrelenting diarrhea that is sometimes tied into chemical exposures. I would say that I was more than ready to go down the root canal extraction path when my front cap unexpectedly came out one day while eating a burrito. I was talking to an old and dear friend about a mutual friend, Indira, who had passed away recently. I like to think that it was Indira who pulled that front cap out, sending me help from beyond.

I could have chosen to glue that front cap right back on the “dead” half-tooth that remained, but Indira must have beat me to it and the tooth disintegrated on its own a few days later, so that there was barely anything left to attach the cap to. Because of my severe chemical and electrical intolerances, I had huge amounts of anxiety about getting the tooth pulled – not only was the procedure a risk, with the use of local anesthesia, x-rays, and other substances that could harm my health permanently, but I didn’t even know if I could tolerate a dentist’s office.

I found a specialist in root canal extractions just over three hours from my home, highly recommended for “difficult cases” like mine by two holistic dentists I contacted in other towns. I decided to pull the tooth and get a “removable partial,” at least initially until the gum had time to heal. I did not want an implant which uses metal, or to file down my natural teeth for a permanent bridge. Then I talked to friends with environmental illness who had removed root canals and did research online to prepare a list of questions to ask the dentist. My list included the following:

• What sort of anesthesia is used, and do you do kinesiology (also known as muscle testing) to determine the right type? Epinephrine-free (epi-free) and preservative-free polocaine and carbocaine were two recommended as tolerable by other people with chemical intolerance. My dentist used polocaine, which he muscle-tested me for to make sure it was right for me. He also used a pre-numbing solution of benzocaine. I did have some breathing problems initially but overall it went fine. I didn’t eat enough after the procedure and had a major emotional meltdown driving home, when the chemicals went through my system (I typically have emotional meltdowns from chemical exposures). I also felt very physically ill by the time I arrived home. But as soon as I got some food in my system, I felt a lot better!

• How do you test for biocompatibility of materials used for the removable partial? We did a Cliffords blood test, which I did have my doubts about, but ultimately I tolerated the materials perfectly, with no reaction at all!

• What do you use to kill the infection after the extraction is completed? My dentist wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic, which I chose to avoid due to my chronic candida and gut issues (antibiotics kill ALL bacteria, good and bad, and can cause really bad gut problems for some people). Instead, I chose to use an herbal antibiotic – cryptolepis – which is featured in Stephen Harrod Buhner’s book Herbal Antibiotics. I took 30 drops 3x day for 14 days but I could’ve taken it for 5-7 days according to the herbalist at, where I purchased it from. I wanted to be sure I killed the infection so I used it longer.

• Do you use the George Meinig procedure for extractions? One risk of pulling a tooth is developing a cavitation, or an infected hole in the bone. My dentist scraped at least a millimeter of my jaw bone after the tooth extraction, to make sure any infected bone and periodontal ligament lining the tooth socket were removed.

• How can I avoid a dry socket? If after your tooth extraction the blood clot that naturally forms is dislodged, then you may develop what is called a “dry socket.” You’ll know if you get a dry socket if instead of noticing less discomfort with each passing day after the surgery, between three and five days you start to feel increased pain at the extraction site and/or a foul taste and odor. By following the self-care guidelines given to me by my dentist after the extraction, I was able to avoid a dry socket. Essentially, you need to be very careful about eating, rinsing, sucking, spitting, etc. in the first few days after the surgery.

Fast forward almost eight years. I have lost everything from my former life: my highly prized rent-stabilized NYC studio on a tree-lined block in the village, my friends, my career, my material possessions (clothes, books, CDs, furniture, etc.), my passions (photography, Middle Eastern music and dance), even my family.

General recap of tooth extraction experience

  1. Pre-extraction Consultation My initial visit included a new patient consultation, panaramic x-ray, mold of my teeth and gums for the removable partial, and a tooth cleaning. My appointment lasted about four hours!
  2. I had trouble breathing in the dental office and had to repeatedly leave to go outside and get “fresh air.” I brought my oxygen tank with me, which let my dentist’s office know that I had respiratory issues they needed to take seriously. A few perfumed patients that day made the office unsafe for me. But having had a difficult time there for the initial visit, meant they took the extra steps needed to insure a scent-free surgery appointment.

  3. Extraction, Infrared Light Treatment I was in at 7 a.m. for the oral surgery, and out by 9:30 a.m., which included an hour under an infrared light to help initiate healing.

    The injection of local anesthesia was extremely painful. The dental assistant held my hand and I thought I was going to hurt her, I squeezed so hard. The extraction itself was fairly quick and painless. My tooth came out in two pulls. The dentist said my body “did not want that tooth,” because it came out so easily. I breathed such a sigh of relief from the release of all the built up tension and anxiety that I had around the surgery. I was so relieved when it was over.

    I used no painkillers or antibiotics. I did not have much pain – aside from the excruciating multi-injection of local anesthesia into my gums. The extraction site did not ache or radiate pain. I did not get an infection in the gum, and I used an herb with strong antibiotic properties to help kill any infection that might have migrated from my root canal to an organ. I also rinsed my mouth with lukewarm sea salt water per the instructions from my dentist.

    You might not have the same experience. Some people do experience pain, and do get infections. I can only tell you what I experienced. But I did a lot of research and used my knowledge about food, herbs, homeopathy, and self-care to help increase my chances of a quick and speedy recovery.

    Note: My head was so loopy from not sleeping the night before (I stayed at a campground near my dentist’s office and slept in my car) and from the whole experience, that I did not realize I started driving home in the wrong direction and added 2+ hours to my trip. Not good! Make sure your directions are written out step by step for the way home if you are driving yourself. (I was following the directions for the way there, but just reversing everything, or so I thought!)

  4. Removal of Stitches 10-15 days after the oral surgery I needed to return to get my stitches removed.

    The procedure did not hurt and took about 10 minutes. I also had my removable partial adjusted since it was hurting my teeth and it made a big difference!

I used no painkillers or antibiotics. I did not have much pain – aside from the excruciating multi-injection of local anesthesia into my gums. The extraction site did not ache or radiate pain.

My chemical-free healing toolkit
Here are some of the things I used to help support my body through the procedure:

General support

• One online healer friend was giving me long distance Reiki during the extraction.

• Another had me on his HeartMath frequency. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I welcomed all the energetic support from afar that I could get!

• I drank plenty of wheatgrass and green vegetable/sprouts juices in the weeks leading up to the surgery, as well as the week after.

• I gave myself probiotic retention enemas (implanting beneficial bacteria via the rectum) a few days before and after the procedure, to help my body fight off any infection.

• I brought my own drinking water, toilet paper, organic cotton pads (to help control bleeding after extraction) to all dentist visits.

• I used paper towel sheets to line the chair I would sit in for the surgery to protect my clothes from any synthetic cleaning agents – but you could bring your own tolerable material if you have any (I did not).

• I scheduled the procedure before office hours to avoid fragranced patients.

• I asked if those employees interacting with me would avoid using fragranced products, including deodorants, until after I left the office.

Radiation support

• The week before my x-rays I ate more seaweed, beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and garlic – all foods said to be protective against radiation. Other good foods: orange and dark green veggies like winter squash, beets, kale, collards, chard and spinach; cabbage, arugula and other vegetables in the cabbage family; miso broth; dried beans, especially lentils; foods rich in selenium like nettle infusions, burdock root, shellfish, and ginseng.

• I started taking Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES), an herbal supplement made of whole plant tinctures and flower essences of yarrow and echinacea, said to be helpful with radiation. I did react to this orally (its in a brandy base, and I am alcohol intolerant) and so I just held the bottle during the x-rays, as I am very responsive to even just the energy of substances in a bottle.

• I imagined myself wrapped in psychic lead, with all my cells protected from radiation damage.

• My doctor gave me a liquid homeopathic remedy for radiation right before I got my x-rays.

• I held a small glass vial of a homeopathic radiation remedy sent to me by a healer friend on the day of extraction, when they did two more x-rays.

I did not notice any reaction or negative effect from the x-rays. I am very electro-magnetically sensitive, so this was a big concern to me.

Inflammation/pain support

• I started taking a homeopathic remedy of Arnica montana (30C) 2 days before the extraction. Arnica is used for trauma, bruising, and swelling from injuries. Others had recommended I take it in a 1M or 200C strength, especially on the day of the extraction, but I was not able to buy it in time. I did just fine with the 30C strength.

• I also drank ginger tea in the days before the extraction. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties.

• After the extraction, my dentist gave me a homeopathic remedy for pain and inflammation called Relief-Tone by Energetix. It contains homeopathic solutions of Arnica montana, Belladonna, Cortisone Aceticum, Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort), Symphytum officinale (Comfrey), as well as glycerin, ethanol, and purified water. I took 5 drops under my tongue every hour the first 4 days, then 30 drops twice a day until the bottle was finished.

• The first few days after the extraction, I added fresh turmeric (anti-inflammatory), ginger (anti-inflammatory) and garlic (anti-bacterial) to fresh vegetable juices, to boost my healing.

My gum seemed to heal very quickly, starting the very first night. Not sure if that is normal or expected, but it was comforting to see things progressing nicely so soon after the procedure.

Anxiety support

• Just before the extraction, I took 4 drops of Rescue Remedy in a small glass of water. I don’t usually use this, but I had a gut feeling it would help me relax. It did.

• Just before the removal of the stitches, I took 4 drops of Rescue Remedy in a small glass of water.

Pre-planning pesticide check

• I asked my dentist’s office if they used pesticides in their office. They said that they only used natural pesticides. Since some natural pesticides can be toxic, I asked for the name of the Pest Control company and then called them myself. They told me that they only used diatomaceous earth and a boric acid/corn cob mix in my dentist’s office. I was satisfied with that answer.

• To prepare for the road trip, I called my county’s pesticide spraying office to find out which route would be safest to use for the days I was traveling, so I could avoid driving through an area that was actively being sprayed with pesticides that day. Check with your Department of Agriculture or Department of Transportation to find out your local schedule.

• I stayed at a campground the night before, and also called them to find out if they use pesticides before I went.

The main bacteria Dr. Price found in infected teeth were streptococcus, staphylococcus, and spirochetes. I have tested positive for all three in the past, the first two in nasal cultures and stool tests. The third in a blood test showing Borrelia burgdorferi. However, my extracted root canal tooth was tested for infection after the surgery and it came back showing no evidence of malignancy. There was a note on the report saying that perhaps the infection was in an area of the tooth not visualized by their processing techniques. My dentist explained to me that he did see an infection when he removed the tooth and that my x-rays show infection in the tip of the tooth. He said that sometimes the extracted tooth will crumble and disintegrate in the solution they use to send it to the lab.

For better or worse, I removed my 30-year-old root canal tooth with much trepidation and preparation. My gum is healing nicely and I am managing well with my removable partial. I have yet to notice any real health benefits from the procedure, but I hope that over time, my body will thank me for the removal of this dead organ. I am still hoping that my intestinal problems will eventually clear up as a direct result of this experience.

Note: an electrically and chemically sensitive friend got an abscessed tooth extracted after me, and paid 1/3 of the price going to a conventional dentist in her area. I would recommend you shop around for price, as well as willingness to accommodate your environmental intolerances.

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  • earthwalker

    August 28, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Lynne, so sorry I did not see your post ’til now. My dentist was Dr. Michael Margolis in Mesa, AZ. His website is

  • earthwalker

    August 28, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    Wow, Chase, so happy for you!! That is an incredible story. You are lucky that you had such immediate and profound improvements. Blessings to you, and thank you for sharing your story here. xx Julie

  • earthwalker

    August 28, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    A reader wrote in and shared this unbelievable using-food-as-medicine story of someone who had major damage to her teeth and gums from a horse-riding accident. This is a must-read for all who doubt that diet plays a role in how the body heals from trauma!!

  • erica

    September 19, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Every mercury poisoned person needs to read Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler’s book Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment.

    I had 64 symptoms, much like you. I have about 10 remaining after Cutler’s protocol. It saved my life.

    You can buy DMPS as a research chemical online for about $150/10 grams and then split it up into 25mg pills to take every 2-8 hours on the halflife. In my experience, DMSA is crap and ALA is crap, they both make your symptoms and candida way worse. Low-dose frequent DMPS is a lifesaver.

    Cutler explains why all other methods, such as IV, chlorella, cilantro, and bentonite clay don’t work and can cause more problems. He talks about this from a biochemist’s perspective. He cured his own mercury poisoning. Please read it.

  • Brenna

    October 25, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    I had a root canalled tooth extracted 8 months ago by a regular dentist, and I still haven’t healed! I’m dysfunctional. Im detoxing, infection fighting, but I can only do little at a time (in barely keeping my job). I would love any information that might help.

  • earthwalker

    October 25, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Hi Brenna,
    So sorry to hear that. It sounds like the original dentist who performed the extraction did not get all the infection out of the bone and surrounding ligaments. You need to go to a biological dentist who knows about the George Meinig procedure for extractions and get that looked at. You might need to have more of the jaw bone scraped. It should not take that long to heal. Please get it checked out right away. Then you can use some of the things I shared in my post above if you need to get further work done. Make sure to support yourself with good nutrition and herbs so the body has the energy it needs for self healing. Best, Julie

  • Judy

    November 27, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Hi Julie, did you notice any healing after having your root canal taken out? I am having mine taken out this month due to several health issues developed after having my root canal done.

  • earthwalker

    December 17, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    Hey Judy,
    No, I did not notice any specific improvements after the tooth removal, although I wish I did! I’m sure it helped my overall health though. Sending healing vibes for your surgery and recovery. xx

  • earthwalker

    January 11, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    It’s over 2 1/2 years since I wrote this post and had my front tooth extracted. Just wanted to give an update that my digestion is still as bad, if not worse, as before the surgery. I am still struggling with all my health issues. Sadly, removing my root canal did not clear up my health issues as hoped. I am still glad I did it, as I feel good that my mouth does not have any mercury or root canals in it now. I am managing fine with my “temporary” partial. I did get it re-made last May so it would fit my bite better, as the swelling had gone down enough and left a little gap at the top of the gum. It’s much better now. I suspect I will have to get it redone multiple times going forward, as the acrylic material is not meant to last long-term.

  • eddie

    February 13, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    hello I was reading about root canals if I should get one and felt bad I saw your story… i have crohns and took no meds and im almost perfect now this runs in my family… You need money but theres ways of finding out your problems –if you have insurance start with and IBD expanded panel test- shows 5 anitbodies. Then do a out of packet test- elisa act (google it) test type 2,3,4 blood test. allergy doc is type 1 not useful. Then enterolab (google it) gut test..I also ran a test a genetic test for gluten intolerance. 39 years of sinus problems gone…for meand my crohns , hemmroids etc gone. NO doc listened to me except my now general doc…. Look at the SCD diet eat everything on here , but remove fruit. From my testing everything point two ways…allergies in advanced blood tests potatos, milk, apples, different area -gut testing gluten rice corn potatos milk and soy. Normal allergist said im negative to all. From my testing and the gluten genetic test I carry 4 genes not for celiac but giving me gluten intolerance. I followed the diet SCD removes STARCH, SUGAR, GRAINS MILK SOY….but also remove fruit except grapfruit ,limes and lemons…….I began to experience clearing of sinus, watery poo. My system flushed , I felt like i got the flu back pain..side pain headaches…. Its been almost 1 year and 3 months… My health is perfect now.. from my testing and I am still doing it….. yeast what strain i dont know…thats what i think… yeast eats grain milk ,sugar starch soy… it then changes forum in your gut….yeast to spore. theres real no testing for it… not seen in colonoscopy . Your best bet is to test for leaky gut…as it pokes holes giving you food intoleraces… I now can eat anything but mainly follow the SCD diet. Never felt so good it took 6 months to feel better.. you will feel worse as yeast die and fight back before you feel good. I takes time for the immune system to health , gut to close…..I used zinc carosine and glut amine to close gut google it. followed diet SCD diet.. add vit d3 , probotics , b complex , fish oil, flax seed. Eat 3 spoons coconut oil a day, rotate grapefruit seed extract in water, oil of oregano in water, caplyric acid pills , olive leaf extract.. these are all natural anti-fungals. some kill bad bacteria. The key to all vits and probotics is buying ones free of starch ,soy, corn wheat, milk and grains. I have blood work and papers a phone book thick and can prove it….My doc wants me to head to NIH or johns hopkins as he has seen me change… I started all this as the gastro guys were both an ASS i saw and really were no help. the key eat any veggie green , plus garlic , onions antifungals the SCD diet means SIMPLE CARB DIET… easy to digest…when the immune system has crazy over taken over by bacteria and yeast you cant digest starch , sugar, grains, milk….theres also tea pau d’arco teas kills yeast.. if you have nail on toe nails , nasal drip or hack in the morning. or get yeast infection women… skin rashes at times… migraine headaches …joint pain or back side….. try it… I think Ive figured it out and no one wants to listen… as well theres more testing im doing OAT testing organic acid test and Amino acid testing (greatplains lab google it) these tests check for the toxins these bad yeast and bacteria leave in your body……. Im no doc but an engineer and looked at my body as a network and started from the bottom trouble shooting…. these doc dont know shit on any of these immune problems good luck try what I said it takes a year.

  • eddie

    February 13, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    for got to mention when you do the IBD expanded panel test,,,, this gives you the 5 antibodies.. when you look these up each name you can find what foods are under each by researching…… when you do the elisa act test then the enterolab test ,,,, you can match these foods to the 5 antibodies ….what shows you your own problems…Mine — All my foods fell into each section of the 5 antibodies that listed high saying I had active crohns…. i removed them crohns is gone….. yet no one listens….

  • eddie

    February 13, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    also if you dont have the money for all these test…. get only the IBD test (again shows all 5 antibodies) do the scd diet. you can look up the foods from the antibodies and remove them……..I may write a book this year and copy my blood work into it.

  • earthwalker

    February 14, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    Thanks for writing and sharing your story and tips Eddie. I did the SCD for about 6 years, along with a rotation of natural yeast killers (GSE, caprylic acid, oregano oil), probiotics, fish oil, etc. etc. Have done all that for many years. We each have unique factors so unfortunately while those things might have helped you recover a great deal, they did not help me. I believe I have lyme disease in the gut so I am working on that side of things now. I wish dietary and lifestyle changes were enough to turn things around for everyone, but that was not the case for me. I’m sure your suggestions will help other readers visiting this page. Thanks for taking the time to share!

  • Jan Wall

    May 22, 2013 at 6:28 am

    Thank you for an awesome article. I knew all of this and practiced it long ago with some extractions, but this serves to refresh my memory for a new root canal extraction.
    Thanks again, Jan

  • larry

    July 15, 2013 at 1:35 am

    My number 27 tooth was root canal 2 times. It got infected again. I got it extracted. It was all infected, and disintegrate. It stunk. The canal was exposed. Bad very bad. All infected! !, I have pics.

  • elisa

    August 21, 2013 at 10:19 am

    I was wondering if you ever had any improvements in your health since doing the root canal? I am looking into getting my 20 year old front tooth root canal extracted, but am very scared that it won’t heal well, or won’t help my health at all after all that effort and money. What did you use after the temporary partial or was that permanent? Was it uncomfortable at all and were you able to wear it right after the extraction? It seems like it would hurt to have anything there afterwards, but I can’t go back to work with a missing front tooth. I would appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks

  • Julie

    September 3, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    Hi Elisa,
    Please scroll up this page to read my most recent update. The temporary partial did not hurt although I did go back a week later to get it slightly adjusted, as it felt too tight. If your dentist is local, don’t worry, you can have it adjusted. The most important thing is to use a dentist you trust who knows the right procedure for this. I highly recommend my dentist Dr. Michael Margolis in Mesa, Az. Best wishes xxx

  • Nina

    September 21, 2013 at 12:17 am

    I was lightheaded two years ago. Had a seizure, vomitted, was kept in hospital overninght for observation. Did UT, got better then stopped and continued my ‘normal’ diet. Got lightheaded again and worse, had tremendous anxiety attacks which were not part of my nature. After searching the internet (thank you Google), I realised it wasn’t the tap water or mold, it was my root canal. I had it extracted two days ago and using UT to heal. However I’ve been swishing urine to heal the area, not realising that I was dislodging the blood clot, either that or turmeric in the lentil soup thinned the blood (I used a lot). However, my theory is that surely something so smelly from a dry socket should not remain inside the body. I’m thinking that bentonite clay would bring out the bacteria, followed by coconut oil swishes. After all, a rotten root canal that’s been festering inside my jaw gathering bacteria should be cleansed first.

  • Budhi

    October 29, 2013 at 11:25 am

    My name is Budhi Sulaiman, male, 32 years old…address : babakan tarogong 20, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia…email : …phone +6222-6076769
    Year 2007 : falling hard to the ground and 3 upper middle teeth(tooth #11, #21 and #22) fractured…Get a dental x-ray, tooth #11 abcess periapical, tooth #11 root canalled(reaming until no 60), tooth #22 root canalled(reaming until no 55), both teeth sterile by cresophene and rockle, both teeth filled by endomethasone with gutappercha+cement base, then tooth #22 crowned and tooth #11 patched by resin composit…my tooth #22 always bleed everyday when I brushed since then
    Year 2009 : tooth #21 abcess, upper middle left gum swell(periodontis)…Get dental x-ray, root canalled(reaming until no 70), sterile by cresophene and rockle, filled by endomethasone with gutappercha+cement base, then tooth #11 and #21 crowned…My 3 upper middle teeth(tooth #11, #21 and #22) always bleed everyday when I brushed since then
    28/04/2012 : suddenly I feel a rush like something is going up in a line inside the blood vessel from behind my calves, going to behind my thighs, behind my butt, behind my back, behind my nape, left side right side of my neck, behind my left and right ears, left side right side of my forehead, and eyelid…All of that part are in severe pain immediately from that moment and all these symptoms suddenly came at once :
    – Hard to breath everyday
    – Unable for erection(100% impotent) everyday !!!
    – Hurt on testicles everyday
    – All muscles from head to toe become so weak, like a very weak old person
    – Walking makes me tired everytime
    – Constant severe pain all over the body, especially in this part where I suspect it’s a blood vessel problem : from behind my calves, going to behind my thighs, behind my butt, behind my back, behind my nape, left side right side of my neck, behind my left and right ears, left side right side of my forehead, and eyelid
    – Eyelids feel heavy(forcing to close) and very painful everyday
    – Severe heavy headache everyday
    – Confusion everyday
    – Become stupid, hard to understand what people said everyday
    – Chest is not comfortable everytime when hearing loud voices such as movies, live music
    – Cold hands and feet sometimes
    – Weird dreams and nightmares every night
    – Cannot concentrate everyday
    – Ear ringing everyday
    – I hold myself not commiting suicide everyday because of these constant severe pain
    – Severe pain and stiff neck on the left side and right side everyday , I can’t even move my neck at all because of the severe pain everytime I move it
    – Get mad easily because of the constant pain all over my body
    – Headache always increase and want to pass out when hit by direct sunlight or air conditioner
    – Feel dizzy and want to pass out everytime I eat at the restaurant or junk food
    28/04/2012 – 11/02/2013 : Gone to many specialist doctors and professors, NO result at all ! Some neurologist said I have a stroke but I don’t have stroke symptoms at all and the medicine making my sick worse; Neurosurgeon said this is not a stroke but a post-brain infection; one internist said it’s psikosomatis but the medicine making my sick SUPER worse, etc…Done a lot of blood test, try a lot of medicines, 2 times brain MRI, 6 times thorax, brain CT-Scan, Full complete spinal MRI, 3 times retina photo, EMG, OCT Opthalmoscope, 3D eye photo, Humphrey test, 2 times testicles USG, 2 times echocardiography, a lot of EKG, gastric USG, upper and lower abdomen USG…No RESULT !
    So after having a CONSTANT SEVERE SUFFERING from 28/04/2012 – 11/02/2013, I initiatively check my teeth on 11/02/2013, it’s the only thing that I haven’t checked yet !
    11/02/2013 : I initiatively check my teeth, no doctors told me to check my teeth because there is NO swelling and NO pain at all in my teeth or gum…but the panoramic x-rays SURPRISINGLY showed that I have abcess in my upper middle teeth periapical(tooth #11 and #21) that had a root canal treatment before in year 2007, it’s an reinfected root canalled teeth…the endodontist said it is a cyst, so the endodontist clean the dry pus inside the canal of these 2 teeth(tooth #11 and #21)…The endodontist feel weird why dry pus can be inside the teeth canal…Oral surgeon said it’s not a cyst but a granuloma…the other oral surgeon said there is no way dry pus can be inside the teeth canal unless there is a leak from above…One orthodontic professor said inside the teeth canal is not a dry pus but it is a guttapercha(I believe more to this orthodontic professor)…So the yellow dirt(maybe gutta-percha or maybe dry pus) inside the teeth canal is cleaned by the endodontist…but the condition at that moment : there is still an abcess/granuloma on periapical tooth #11 and #21…then she injected NaOCl and gives me clindamycin 300mg antibiotics…In the first day after taking clindamycin, suddenly I awake at dawn because a lot sands come out from my eyelid, I don’t know what it is but it is a lot, very very small, hard and sharp(every dentist and doctors don’t believe me when I told this)…After the sands comes out from my eyelid, ALL of my symptoms healed at once, cured 100% ! I became absolutely a healthy normal person 100% ! After consuming clindamycin in the second day until the fifth day, there is no effect anymore because I am already cured 100% !
    – Easy to breath!!!
    – No headache
    – Can easily erection again !!! and my testicles is fine 100% !
    – No neck pain
    – Never have cold hands and feet
    – All muscles become strong immediately, no weakness !
    – I intentionally go to my room and put on air condition 16 celcius degree…I feel 100% fine !
    – I intentionally eat a lot of junk food, steak, etc…and I feel 100% fine !
    – I intentionally goes out when the weather is hot…I feel 100% fine !
    – No more ear ringing
    – Can concentrate again and understand easily what people said
    – Eyelid very comfortable and doesn’t feel heavy or pain at all!
    – No more intention to commit suicide because all the pain is absolutely gone !!!
    – No more weird dreams !!!
    – No more severe pain in these parts : behind my calves, going to behind my thighs, behind my butt, behind my back, behind my nape, left side right side of my neck, behind my left and right ears, left side right side of my forehead, and eyelid
    – Healthy 100% !
    BUT it don’t last long and my symptoms came back again…This is why : I force myself continue the reinfected root canal treatment for more than 5 months to clean the granuloma/pus on the periapical teeth(tooth #11 and tooth #21) because I don’t want to extract it, but the symptoms came back again when I am having the reinfected root canal FAILURE treatment for more than 5 months, I have all the medic resume and all the x-rays to prove the endodontic failure process :
    18/02/2013(The second time of root canal treatment) : I change to another endodontist because I was visiting my mother in another city for a few months…The new endodontist said it is not a cyst but “granuloma, chronic abcess and a pulp necrosis”, so she clean the teeth canal…It felt so painful when she cleaned it, then injected ledermix+cavit in my 2 rabbit teeth, after that my rabbit teeth hurt for the first time and I have a headache
    14/03/2013(The third time of root canal treatment) : she injected Ca(OH)+CB in my 2 rabbit teeth and chirp the 3 upper middle gum until it bleeds a lot, after that I feel gritty eyelid for the first time, it’s like there is sands/crystals inside my eyelid and my rabbit teeth is still hurting
    25/03/2013(The forth time of root canal treatment) : she injected Ultracal(calcium hydroxide/CaOH2) to my 2 rabbit teeth and chirp again my 3 upper middle gum until it bleeds a lot, at that moment this gritty eyelid gives an immediate reaction and become worse…I told my endodontist about it but she said it has nothing to do with the root canal
    In early April : Suddenly I have a severe flu for almost 2 weeks, the mucus is thick and green…And from head to wrist, all of my body is very itchy(it’s like an allergy) and also i can feel the itchy part is in the green blood vessel on the skin surface of my hand+red patches all over my skin body(front, back, neck, and face) like an allergy…there is one time when I fail to get the thick green mucus out from my left nose, and I can REALLY FEEL the mucus goes up to my left eyelid and make a sudden pain+ sudden left neck pain+testicles pain…From this moment, there is a thick mucus stuck in my left eyelid and this gritty eyelid always getting worse after the upper middle teeth bleeds a lot everytime I brushed in the morning and at night…my rabbit teeth is still in pain
    3/05/2013 : Go to ENT doctor, he gave me clindamycin 300mg for a week, no effect
    20/04/2013 : Go to an ophthalmologist, she pull my eyelid up and said my eyeball+eyelid was fine and healthy
    29/04/2013(The fifth time of root canal treatment) : she injected Ultracal(Calcium Hydroxide) again to my 2 rabbit teeth and make my gritty eyelid reacted and become worse again, now it is worse than before…This sands/crystals inside my eyelid always gathered in the morning when I wake up, the crystals want to get out from my eyelid but stuck because there is no way out…I told this to the endodontist but she told me to go to an ophthalmologist, I said I did and the ophthalmologist said there is nothing wrong with my eyelid and eyeball
    13/05/2013(The sixth time of root canal treatment) : The dental x-ray showed granuloma become worse…She injected ultracal(caoh2) again into my 2 rabbit teeth, this time my grity eyelid became super worse and make my vision blurry for the first time
    15/05/2013 : CT scan Paranasal(non contrast), the result showed left frontalis sinus+etmoid sinus+rhinitis(allergy)
    20/05/2013(The seventh time of root canal treatment) : I change again to another endodontist and told her that calcium hydroxide injection in my rabbit teeth makes gritty eyelid+blurry vision, but the new endodontist don’t believe me and said that calcium hydroxide is the right medicine…So she injected ultracal again to my 2 rabbit teeth and gave amoxixilin 500mg…The result is the same, this gritty eyelid has become so worse and my vision is still blurry…my rabbit teeth is still in pain
    22/05/2013(The eighth time of root canal treatment) : So I immediately go back again to the endodontist and ask if she can try to change the medicine to NaOCl…She said ok but I have to sign some paper, then she injected NaOCl into my 2 rabbit teeth, but the result is a severe headache, testicle pain and still a blurry vision
    23/05/2013 : Go to ENT professor for my sinus and rhinitis, he gave me nutriflam+capsule(nalgestan, musera, stesolid, mobiflex, medixon)+thiamfenicol 500mg for a week, still no effect
    25/05/2013 : Then I go to an ophthalmologist, she said keratitis and gave me floxa antibiotic eyedrops…My blurry vision healed BUT this gritty eyelid is not healed, not even a bit !
    29/05/2013 : Go to laboratorium for testicles USG, the result is varicocele bilateral and epididimis…Then go to an urolog, he said it is nothing serious and no medicine needed
    2/06/2013(The ninth time of root canal treatment) : I asked to the endodontist again what is the medicine for this granuloma ? she answered the medicine is calcium hydroxide, so I FORCE MYSELF to try calcium hydroxide again but this gritty eyelid gives a reaction again when caoh2 is injected…The endodontist said tooth crown #22 is OK, but I asked the endodontist to drill my crown(tooth #22) for root canal treatment also because who knows that tooth #22 is the culprit, but it turns out not to be the culprit
    14/06/2013(The tenth time of root canal treatment) : I change again to another endodontist, but this new endodontist also said the medicine for granuloma is calcium hydroxide…So I DESPERATELY try again the calcium hydroxide because I don’t want to extract my teeth, guess what ? Yes, the gritty eyelid gives a reaction again ! Now I have a big suspect that caoh2(calcium hydroxide) is the culprit
    28/06/2013(The eleventh time of root canal treatment) : For my curiosity I try for the last time of this caoh2, and again gritty eyelid gives a reaction when caoh2 is injected to my upper middle teeth ! Now I don’t care what the endodontist said and sure the calcium hydroxide is the culprit of this gritty eyelid and sinus ! The dental x-ray also showed the granuloma is getting worse
    I decide to go to a prosthodontic expert to open all the crown before having the extraction because I suspect the bleeding teeth everytime I brushed is because of the crown problem…All the crown were opened successfully and guess what ? Yes, after 3 days there is NO BLOOD comes out from my teeth anymore when I brushed it !
    9/07/2013 : Go to an oral surgeon expert, she said I have a focal systemic infection and the solution is extraction, she gave me cefadroxil cefat 500mg…After taking it in the first day, suddenly awake at dawn because I REALLY FEEL IT when “some sands” comes out from my eyelid and make a little relief, but there is still some sands left in the eyelid
    11/07/2013 : Then I extract all the 3 upper middle teeth and have a panoramic+dental x-ray…The result is no infection in the teeth anymore but all these symptoms that came back when having a root canal FAILURE still don’t go away
    12/07/2013 : Go to an ophthalmologist again for my grity eyelid, she said scleritis and the oil gland inside my eyelid is stuck…she gave polynel eyedrops, doxicycline 100mg and 8mg of methylprednisolone, but no effect !
    1/08/2013 : There is a lump behind my ear, so I do a biopsy…The result showed granulation tissue foreign thing, sudden cell inflammation for years, datia cell foreign thing
    6/08/2013 : Go to an allergy and immunologist professor, he said I have sjogren syndrome and must use high dose of methylprednisolone, 8mg of methyprednisolone that the ophthalmologist gave me is not enough, so he gave me methylprednisolone 24mg/day, I eat it for a week because the doctor said it needs at least 7 days for the medicine to work…This is the worst drug I have ever had ! The effect is so bad from the first day I took it : sweat all over my body, gain 10 kg in a week, skin hurt when hit by direct sunlight, inflammation(in cheek, neck, chest, stomach), become depression for no reason, mood is very bad, my gum really hurts and still many more…After that I go to another doctor for second opinion, done a comprehensive test, he said I don’t have sjogren syndrome and told me not to eat methylprednisolone
    24/08/2013 : i take a big risk extracted my perfect 4 wisdom teeth(ondotectomy)+gum biopsy because I thaught maybe it’s the culprit, but it turns out not to be the culprit ! The result of the gum biopsy showed a chunk of bone and a little cell inflammation under the tissue
    1/09/2013 : Go to oral surgeon for alveolectomy because there is a bone comes out from my upper middle gum that hurts, but still doesn’t cure the other symptoms
    11/09/2013 : Go to Mount Elizabeth Singapore to see an ophthalmologist, she said it’s an allergy and my eyes is very bad, gave me augmentin 625mg, restasis eyedrops, optive eyedrops, bausch & lomb eyedrops…But the result after a week is eyelid+eyebags inflammation, red eyeball, blurry vision and heavy eyelid
    20/09/2013 : Go to an ophthalmologist, she pull my eyelid up and said cell inflammation on the eyelid and it is an allergy
    25/09/2013 : Go to another ophthalmologist, he said this is infection and gave me vigamox antibiotic eyedrops, the result is my blurry vision cured but gritty eyelid isn’t cured, not even a bit ! At the same day I do paranasal x-ray, the result is sinus maxillaris bilateral…The doctor gave me erdosteine 300mg+cefixime 200mg for a week and continue with klindamisin 300mg for 2 weeks
    18/10/2013 : After the sinusitis medication, I do a CT scan paranasal(non contrast) again, the result is left frontalis sinus+rhinitis…So it turns out the sinus+rhinitis hasn’t cured 100% from Mei to October
    21/10/2013 : Check toxic substance in blood, the result is Hg(mercury) 26 ! Then I check the sands that comes out from my eyes that I collected, the result is Calsium(Ca) Content 4946.72 μg/g !
    22/10/2013 : Go to ENT professor, I said I still feel there is a mucus inside my left eyelid and crystals inside my both eyelids…when the tear duct in my right eye is tested by injection, the water goes right through my neck, BUT when the tear duct in my left eye is tested, the water stuck in my left nose and doesn’t go through my neck…The ENT professor said the mucus inside my left eyelid is from the tear duct goes up to ht eyelid when I sneeze and fail to get the mucus out from my left nose…he gave me nutriflam+(musera, nalgestan, ceritin)
    The dental x-rays of my teeth after the extraction shows NO infection anymore but all these symptoms that came back when having a root canal FAILURE still don’t go away…The symptoms are :
    1. Gritty eyelid…Gritty eyelid ALWAYS gives a reaction when the endodontist inject the calcium hydroxide(caoh2), NO DOUBT about that ! Gritty eyelid become worse again after a lot of blood comes out from my upper middle teeth when I brushed it every morning and every night, NO DOUBT about that too !
    2. All of my upper and lower teeth hurts when chewing, especially chocolate or sweet food
    3. Mucus inside my left eyelid and make it painful…no pain on the right eyelid
    4. Constant mild weakness and mild pain all over the body everyday
    5. Hurt on testicles everyday
    6. Ear ringing sometimes
    7. Cannot erection, it’s becoming impotent again
    8. Constant mild headache
    9. Left frontalis sinus+rhinitis that haven’t cured 100% but this is nothing serious
    10. Uncomfort chest when hearing loud voices such as live music and action movies
    11. CONSTANT mild pain on this part of blood vessel : behind my calves, going to behind my thighs, behind my butt, behind my back, behind my nape, left side right side of my neck, behind my left and right ears, left side right side of my forehead, and pain+grity eyelid…It’s all where the problem started on 24/04/2012 and the sands/crystals is like walking around in this specific part of blood vessel ! Constant pain on my left neck is worse than my right neck after I fail to get the thick mucus out from my left nose and make the thick mucus goes up to my left eyelid
    And again i go to every specialist for these symptoms with NO RESULT ! But i’m VERY CERTAIN that the reinfected root canal FAILURE treatment is the culprit of my sickness and there is still infection going on inside my rabbit gum eventhough the dental x-ray showed no infection anymore…i regret continue the reinfected root canal treatment, because if i extracted right away when cured 100% back then, maybe it will be a different story !
    I already checked my hair on 28/10/2013 to see if there is a mercury in it at environmental lab…Now I’m still waiting for the result
    My main intention now is to get all the sands/crystals that walks around inside my blood vessel out from my eyelid at dawn(just like before when cured 100%) + get the thick mucus out from my left eyelid…But how ?

  • Budhi

    October 29, 2013 at 11:37 am

    please help me, i need to find a biological dentist expert and heard dr.Margolis in Mesa Arizona is a good one…i need an invitation letter from him to convince my father that this toxin Hg(mercury) inside my blood is because of the reinfected root canal extraction and now i need a cavitation but no dentist in Indonesia understand about it.

    i tried to call every biological dentist in America but the connection always fail…i tried to email them but there is no reply…i want to see dr.Margolis especially because he is the most famous holistic dentist that i know from the internet…can someone help me to get the invitation from dr.Margolis in Mesa Arizona please ?

    the sands that comes out from my eyes are already checked, it is calcium 4946.72 ug/g…these sands that comes from my eyes started when the endodontist injected ca(oh)+cb then the next treatment she injected caoh2 again and again and make the sands increase…Eventhough some sands has come out but there is still a lot of sands stuck in my eyelid especially every morning

    please help me, it’s been a long suffering…email me please what should i do, my email is….thank you

  • Julie

    October 29, 2013 at 11:52 am

    Hi Budhi,
    Thank you for sharing your story. So sorry for all the suffering you have been through. It would be wonderful if you could see Dr. Margolis in Arizona. I am very sick right now and cannot try to contact him for you. You need to either call his office at 1.480.833.2232 (with correct country code for US), use the contact form on their website: or print out what you wrote here with your history and asking for them to write a letter to your father stating that Dr. Margolis can help you with your dental issues to their mailing address: Dr. Michael Margolis, 2045 S. Vineyard Rd., Suite 153, Mesa, AZ 85210, USA. I hope you can get yourself there and get proper treatment. All my best, Julie

  • Julie

    October 29, 2013 at 11:55 am

    Also, Budhi, their website says you can start with a phone consultation… maybe you and your dad could do a phone consult to start:

  • Liz

    March 11, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    I’m very glad to hear you tolerated the x-rays. I have many sensitivities including mild EI, and I have been really worried that a full set of x-rays might tip me over the edge. I’ll have to have some taken before I can get any dental work done in the next few months. Do you have any new information regarding dental x-rays in the meantime?

  • earthwalker

    April 6, 2014 at 8:21 am

    No, Liz, I do not have any new information regarding dental x-rays.

  • budhi

    April 29, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    Halo Julie, earthwalker, liz…i am in US now, i do the cavitation surgery by THE BEST DENTIST in US, he is the pioneer that found jawbone cavitation/jawbone infection/jawbone lesion/jawbone osteonecrosis/NICO(different term same meaning)..his name is dr.Shankland, but after the cavitation surgery, my symptoms didn’t go away eventhough it is better from before…the cavitat scan shows 100% normal, but when he cut my gums, he found 3 holes in the jawbone and one of the hole is 1cm, it is connected to the sinus maxilaris, the biological dentist said 1cm is a huge hole…dr.Margolis is his friend, i watch his video in IAOMT that osteonecrosis jawbone on the upper middle rabbit teeth cause testicle pain, chronic fatigue, adrenal(thyroid problems), etc…everything he describe is just like what i’m suffering right now, maybe there is still a jawbone infection that he miss in my jawbone, i have 3 root canals on my upper middle rabbit teeth, the dentist said he predicted that the operation would only go for half an hour, but in fact it goes almost 2 hours…he said it is thougher than he thaught it would be…the swelling after surgery becomes normal in 1 day, yes, 1 day, he is really an expert for this cavitation surgery and i am in a very good hand…he has done this cavitation surgery from 1986, he told me to wait for 6 months, if all the symptoms hasn’t healed 100%, i will come to US again…do anyone has any experience with the cavitation surgery? A lot of people have cavitation surgery for a couple of time before they were cured 100%…thank you all

  • Coby

    October 29, 2014 at 5:56 am

    hi earthwalker, good that you eliminated one more possibility of what could be ailing you. that’s how i look at it, a process of elimination. i am about to have a root canal removed. it is taking some gumption on my part but i did just find some a great biological dentist here in pittburgh. docblock. Have you looked into MTHFR genetics. it helps some people. lot of youtube stuff on it. basically it defines some genetic defects with some of the chemical processes with vitamins and detox. cheapest way to find out is to do a 23andMe gene test, then run your raw data from 23andME thru geneticgenie and use amy yasko’s online pdf book to work thru it. or you can work with a doc to do that. what it boils down to is perhaps your body isnt making use of certain vitamins and others are suggested, like methyl B12 and methyl folate…
    Have you ever had a gut stool test to see what your gut microbials are, para sites, etc. there is a good gut test from also i believe regular labs have it available also.
    I also assume you have had a LYME test, preferably western blot. again available from regular labs or else Igenix is the way to go.
    Wish me luck, feel free to email me with questions.

  • saj

    February 26, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    Hi Julie,

    I was thinking of getting a root canal extracted.

    Please update us on any benefits from the procedure.

    Thank you

  • saj

    February 26, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    Benifits or harms,


  • Julie

    February 26, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    Hi Saj,
    My update has not changed. I did not notice any gains from the procedure, nor any harm. I am still glad I did it though. My situation is complicated though and just because I did not experience noticeable benefits, does not mean that someone else wouldn’t. We are all so unique in our circumstances… each one must judge for themselves if the risk outweighs the potential benefits. Best, Julie

  • saj

    March 7, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    Julie, Thank you for you prompt reply.

    I pray that the ALMIGHTY gives you long lasting good health..

    Do you have a email address, I have a few more questions?

    Kind regards

  • Sally

    November 11, 2015 at 4:27 am

    Could you please tell me what it is that caused the problem? was it the material used to fill the root canal? I am asking because my 10-year-old daughter has a broken, now dead, tooth which they failed to do much to since she fought the dentists so badly. Now she is lined up to have the tooth extracted but her father is wanting to stop that from happening. He feels the dentists gave up too easily and wants her to be able to keep her tooth. But right now the root canal is full of infection and has been for the last year. She isn’t suffering at this moment in time, but I assume it won’t be long. It feels very upsetting to see her with a removable denture for the next 8 or so years until she is old enough to have a bridge, but it also feels like it may be the best option. I would love to hear what your feeling on her situation is.

  • Julie

    November 12, 2015 at 10:15 am

    The problem is the bacteria that gets trapped in the tubules of a root canal… causing infection that can then migrate to other organs.

  • Alena

    December 30, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing your story, Julie.
    I currently have six root canals and a lot of health issues that doctors cannot pin point and Im considering extracting these teeth.
    Cody, can you share if you have experienced health improvements after your extraction?
    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Wayne

    January 1, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    I had a single root-canaled tooth for decades, and had read extensively about the high probability and potential dangers of it being infected. One day, I developed a large blister on my lip, very close to this tooth. It made me think that this was probably not a coincidence.

    So I decided to have that root canaled tooth removed. My lip blister had mostly cleared up before the extraction, but on the day following the extraction, I was able to swallow much better. My swallowing had become more and more problematic in the previous year or two, and I was VERY concerned I was developing ALS. But this swallowing problem cleared up completely within days after the tooth extraction.

    Interestingly, I had five years earlier made an appointment with an oral surgeon, and gone in to have this tooth removed because of all the literature I had read,. But the oral surgeon said it looked very good to him. He then assured me he had the latest and greatest digital x-ray equipment, and if it was a problem tooth, it would show up very clearly. His verdict was that it was in perfect condition, and so I decided to not have it extracted at that time. Whether this changed in the ensuing five years is something I’ll never know.

    At this time, because of my fragile health, I’ve decided to avoid any future dental procedures–if at all possible. I’ve developed a daily protocol of oral care by putting in my mouth:

    1) 1.5 g. of sodiium ascorbate
    2) 10 drops of DMSO
    3) 1 drop of Oregano Oil
    4) 6 drops of Iodine (Potassium Iodide)
    5) 6 drops of Cell Food (by Lumina Health Products)

    I also irrigate my gums and teeth with 2 dropperfuls of food-grade hydrogen peroxide (35%) 1-2 times / day.

    Chronic tenderness in my gums and teeth, along with occasional bleeding have improved since starting this.

    I’ve decided to not even go for regular dental checkups, because I believe the DMSO (and oil pulling with coconut oil) keeps plaque buildup at bay. I also believe my diet can heal any dental cavities that might occasionally occur.

    Most people think once cavities start, they will spread rapidly. I’ve come to believe that not only do most cavities progress slowly (if nothing is done to improve the diet), but will actually heal themselves if given the proper nutrition. Silica (horsetail tea), as well as Vit. C is crucial for teeth health. DMSO has the ability to allow Vit. C to go directly into the tooth.

    I will continue to tweak and modify my protocol, but at this time, I feel fairly confident I won’t be setting foot into another dental office again, unless it’s a dire emergency. Last note: I believe DMSO, along with MMS (chlorine dioxide) used in a variety of ways can address most dental emergencies.

    Best, Wayne

  • Wayne

    January 1, 2016 at 3:43 pm


    I forgot to mention I begin to gradually swallow–after about 5 minutes–the oral solution that I put into my mouth. I believe this solution is not only excellent for my oral health, but for my gut and overall health as well.

    Final Note: — I’m a BIG believer in taking advantage of the wide array of therapeutic benefits of using DMSO in a variety of ways. I’m currently doing regular eyewashes using DMSO, and find them to be VERY helpful in relieving a lot of eye stress and discomfort.

    I use 10 drops in a single eyewash cup, and plan to gradually increase this amount until I get to about half DMSO, half Rosemary tea. It’s a great way to PREVENT cataracts, and increase overall circulation in the eyes.

  • Lisa Larche

    January 25, 2016 at 3:17 am

    I am very complicated as I have Multiple chemical sensitivity, really a universal reactor. I also have severe emf sensitivity. I have sjogrens to making my teeth rot, and ai root canal that has always hurt and was botched and a file was broken in root during the procedure and took 2 more procedures until, it was finally cut on my bottom Gum to remove the file. But I have a extra set of problems as I have developed many type IV skin allergies to dental products like metals, dental bonding a d cement. I am allergic to all stitches. These are real delayed contact skin allergies, that gets worse with every exposure And can not be picked up by Clifford blood test. The only test is a week long patch test with products taped in chambers on back for 2 days and removed and watched up to a week for a delayed reaction. My problem is holistic dentists don’t understand this type of real allergy from skin contact and causes painful sores. I am even lergic to natural things too with this type allergy. On the other hand regular dentists don’t understand the enviromental illnesses, and emf sensitivity. I have all, and need a dentist and can not travel to AZ. I have pain in root canal and told it is infected, and have another tooth with a crack down it.

  • Julie

    January 25, 2016 at 8:53 am

    Hi Lisa,
    I really feel for you and your complicated situation. One thing I can think of to try is to contact Dr Margolis’s office in Arizona and see if they can recommend a dentist in your area, or possibly see if they can act as a consultant for your regular dentist. Other than that, I don’t know where you live currently but you should see if it is at all possible to relocate to Arizona for a few weeks to get the surgery done and stay near the dentist for a bit to make sure you are healing well. You might also try brain retraining to help reduce your reactivity level.

  • Julie

    January 25, 2016 at 9:09 am

    The other thing that just occurred to me… maybe Dr Margolis’ office can help you complete the testing process for biocompatible materials but have your local dentist do the surgery…

  • Bruce

    September 21, 2016 at 12:16 pm

  • Laureen

    November 8, 2016 at 3:20 pm

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  • Ashley

    November 8, 2016 at 3:25 pm

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    Thank you dr sebi.

  • Alvin

    November 21, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    Hi Budhi,

    I am also Indonesian and is suffering from failed root canal, may I know how is ur condition now ? Did the cavitation surgery finally cured u ?

  • Leslie Hunt

    December 4, 2016 at 12:51 am

    If you can find a dentist you trust, you’re very lucky, because even the holistic ones are not always trustworthy. My most recent dentist, Dr. Thomas Gent at Sola Dental, who talked me out of my root-canaled molars and botched the replacements. I ended up with massive gum and bone loss and now will likely lose most of the rest of my teeth! I am suing him and he is under investigation with the state dental board. Do not spend your money and threaten your health! I was just fine with root canals. My health really went downhill after all the surgeries, antibiotics, and corrective surgeries. It’s taken two years and I am always depressed. I was disfigured for 18 months. What I wouldn’t give to still have those root canaled teeth that caused me no problems!

  • earthwalker

    December 4, 2016 at 8:42 am

    Dear Leslie,
    I am SO sorry to hear of your ordeal. How traumatic! That is really terrible. I think it’s best to seek at least two opinions when planning dental surgery from highly regarded biological dentists. When it comes to one’s mouth, I would recommend spending the extra $$ to get the best. You are absolutely right about holistic dentists, and doctors for that matter. Just because they are holistic does not make them trustworthy or skilled. Really tap in within and listen to your gut about their motives and energy. I do hope that you can regain your health and start rebuilding some of the bone (my biological dentist suggested a GAPS diet, bone broths, etc for rebuilding jaw bone). And that you are compensated from your lawsuit. Thank you for sharing your experience, we need to hear both sides of the coin before making an educated decision. Sending you a big hug, Leslie. My heart goes out to you.

  • Valerie Witzaney

    February 15, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    I just have to share: I had two root canals done in 2011. I became ill one month later and by three months after I had a huge cyst/nodule on my thyroid. I came to this website.. in about 2013/14…. i think… and discovered that the cause of illness could be my root canal teeth. I was chronically ill for 5 years and ready to die…my symptoms included, hyperthryoidism, extreme muscle fatigue, heart racing, shortness of breath, minor jaw discomfort which led to sensitive hearing, loss of night vision for driving, lack of concentration, no stress management and the worst symptom was .. neck swelling in the back of my neck when I became bedridden…. … finally I had those two root canal teeth removed last March 2016. I still have the odd reoccurring symptom of that illness especially when I push myself working very long days and I’m still hyperthyroid but the nodule isn’t bothering me anymore… and the best this is I finally have my life back and my desire/passion to live. I have written the full story more for my information then anywhere…. I’m not making any money off this… in fact it’s cost me much more financially… but it’s all worth it to be living my life to the fullest again.

  • Sheree

    March 28, 2017 at 7:46 am

    I’d love to hear your story.

  • Carlton

    April 13, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    This is the first site I’ve come across that someone didn’t feel better after a root canal was removed.

    I’ve had a lot of problems since having one done in late 2014. I’ve gotten better this year by cleaning up my diet, stopping soda completely and not stressing so much.

    The tooth still sometimes feels pressure on it like a vice grip. Doc checked it again recently and said everything looks fine.

    It did bleed every time I used to floss that area, but a tech told me to brush behind it at the very back. Brushed really well and that stopped it. I’m still not sure the tooth is ok. I’ve had really bad neck pain and shoulder pain after it was done. 3 years now.

    Just have to keep going and try to resolve these issues. I’m 50/50 on whether to get the tooth removed. Would hate to get it done and still feel the same.

  • Sharon

    June 15, 2017 at 7:39 am

    How was your experience with Dr Margolis? I am considering going to him. Thanks

  • Julianne

    June 20, 2017 at 3:31 pm


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    Julianne Regan

  • JUDE

    November 14, 2017 at 4:23 pm


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