The child in me loves coloring. There are many neat coloring books you can get these days that are detailed enough to appeal adult-level coloring skills. There are also a number of places online where one can print off coloring pages for free.

I can’t recall where I printed this one from but it’s one of my favorites:

Water Woman

My thanks go to for their amazing, inspiring colorable mandalas. They are all designed by Marc Bove and are copyrighted. They have galleries there where you can see various colored-in mandalas. It’s wonderful seeing all of those vibrant colors! You often can print out free sample pages. Here’s one:


And if you love whimsy, check out Phee McFaddell’s coloring pages! Lots of fun fairies and fantastical creatures:

Moon Net

I like having a few coloring pages on the go – it can help me get unstuck on a main project. I think that any artist could benefit from freeing up their inner child!


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