Dear Stephen,
I saw a video of you speaking at an autism meeting and you mentioned an herb for sleeping, I believe you said it was a liquid and that you took too many drops. I think it might have been ashwagandha, but wanted to ask you if you remember what herb it was. I am having a problem with sleep, I have lyme and I am menopausal which is not helping! Thanks.

Stephen’s response:
I use a liquid melatonin, the most expensive one of course, but I have found it exceptionally good. I take it just as I get into bed and it puts me to sleep, reliably, in an hour. If I wake up at 3 in the morning, I just take it again. Start with one drop. Put it on the back of your hand and take it that way, NOT directly in the mouth as I did the first time I tried it. I generally use two drops but start with one and see how it goes. The brand is Melatonin nano-plex by Premier Research Labs and one bottle lasts a really long time. [Editor’s note: At the time of publishing, Stephen is now also recommending the Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb ashwagandha for sleep problems and brain fog – take 1,000 mg at night just before bed.]

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