Dear Stephen,
Before I discovered I had lyme disease, I was an athlete training 6-12 hours a week and competing 1-3 times a month in two hour events. After lyme, I have stopped competing and now exercise only 4-5 hours a week. It seems that is all my body can tolerate. I have used your herbal protocol off and on but wonder if exercising makes things worse or if it will help. A few times when I have done longer sessions, I get light headed and feel wiped out. Also, it seems heat brings on symptoms.

Stephen’s response:
Much of your body’s energy is going to deal with the infection, which is why many people in chronic diseases are tired all the time. The main thing is to raise immune function and overall vitality and work to reduce the impact of the infection on your body so that your energy can remain high for other things. If you do exercise intensively that does lower your energy levels and the infection can, sometimes, take advantage of that reduction. However, some exercise is very good in lyme if you can tolerate it as it increases lymph flow and overall healthy functioning of the body.

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