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HOMESICK movie in last stages of production

Homesick, the movieSanta Fe-based singer Susan Abod needs our help to finish her movie HOMESICK, a powerful new film on environmental illness and the desperate housing situation many with the condition are faced with. Susan needs to raise $6,000 to complete the soundtrack and post-production. She has started an Indie GoGo campaign to raise the funds. Planet Thrive would like to encourage the chemically sensitive community to help spread the word of this campaign on websites, blogs, and Facebook walls so that we can get this important film made. The world needs to hear our compelling housing stories.

From the campaign page:

To film Homesick, Susan hit the road with her camerawoman, learning how people around the country who live with MCS find safe housing. She interviewed people from all walks of life; their living quarters ranged from a house on stilts to tents and a teepee. Filmed over a period of ten years, the film now includes follow-up interviews with the original subjects.”

Contributors to the project will receive special perks based on their donation; giving just $10 will get you a credit listing on Susan’s website. $50 will get you a copy of the soundtrack CD, as well as a credit listing on the CD. See the campaign page for more perks.

Please contribute a small (or large) amount as you are able, and even if you cannot afford to donate funds, you can help to manifest this project by sharing this article and/or the campaign page link using social media like Facebook and Twitter. Thank you!

Susan’s YouTube appeal:

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