Ana Acton and Monet ClarkPerformance artist and severe MCS/CFS survivor Monet Clark will be speaking with radio host and disability rights activist Ana Acton on her radio show “Disability Rap” this Friday from 12-1pm PST. The interview can be heard on KVMR, 89.5FM in Nevada City, California – covering Nevada City, Tahoe, and Sacramento areas, and will also be streaming live worldwide at KVMR.ORG.

Monet will be discussing some pretty interesting things including:

The pH Living Sanctuary Project that she consulted on – a completely green and non-toxic ready-made building, produced to solve the needs of the chemically sensitive (see EcoTech Update)

Her solo show at Krowsworks Gallery in Oakland, California (see Monet Clark: California Girl, A Retrospective Debut)

Her healing journey living with MCS (see Life as art: healing from CFS, FMS, and MCS)

Disability Rap
Friday, December 2nd, 2011
KVMR, 89.5FM
12pm to 1pm, PST

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