Tea PartyYou are invited to a virtual community tea party tomorrow, Sunday, November 9 at 11am CST. The idea is to have tea (or any other beverage of choice) together — though separate. The act of having tea with the knowledge that, at the same time, under pre-determined conditions, someone else in another location is also having tea. The unifying gesture is done solo (or with a friend), but through action, is done together.

Here is a brief description:

On Sunday we will make tea and enjoy this tea in a place/location in which we haven’t had tea before, or some place new that we’d like to enjoy tea in. If you will be joining us for tea, please email Julie Laffin with your address so she can add you/your location to a Google map being created in an effort to track everyone who is joining in.

The purpose is to create a sense of community in spite of the difficulty for so many with environmental illness (EI) to meet in person and interact socially or even meet online because of electromagnetic sensitivity (EHS) issues.

It would be great if you would join the tea party!

The idea came about during Trevor Martin’s Social Practice class at the School of the Art Institute-Chicago. The desire behind the project is to create a “unifying gesture” conceptual, performance art piece in an effort to bring the students and the EI community together in some way. The students are learning about socially aware art-making and working with a variety of artists including, Julie Laffin, an EI who spends summers in the chemically sensitive community of Snowflake, Arizona.

The tea project was initiated by Jeremiah Ray, Trevor Martin’s teaching assistant and a graduate student at SAIC. Jeremiah’s team of student collaborators includes Ellie O’Hallaron and Anna Liza Evangelista.

Unable to make the virtual community tea party tomorrow? Please join us in the Planet Thrive community where we’ve been sharing our favorite brews and the books we are currently reading!

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