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posted in <<Autoimmune News > Cancer News > Chemical Sensitivity News > Chronic Fatigue / ME News > Electrical Sensitivity News > Featured > Fibromyalgia News > Gulf War Syndrome News > Gut Ecology News > Lyme & Co-Infections News > Mercury Toxicity News > Mold Illness News > NEWS

25 quantum health practices you should know if you have environmental illness

EarthingFor those who suffer from environmental illness (severe chemical/mold/food/electromagnetic and other sensitivities) we know all too well about exclusion from support services, public life, and things like going to the post office and receiving health care. The irony of needing support in so many areas of life but being unable to access most of it is a sad fact of life for the majority of people who develop this illness. Surprisingly, there is one area of health care that actually gives survivors of severe environmental illness a leg up — it’s called quantum health. It’s based on concepts of light, water and magnetism and is accessible to anyone who can go outside and be in full spectrum light with their bare feet on earth. It does not cost a dime and requires no doctor visits or prescriptions. One of it’s primary goals is to enhance the mitochondria’s ability to produce a strong electromagnetic field (EMF), thereby increasing the amount of electricity generated. The mitochondria are the energy centers of our cells, and if they can generate a strong electromagnetic current, the more able they are to power other processes in the body.

Quantum health practices often overlap with the practices of the rewilding movement — a lifestyle that looks to dismantle domestication and take cues from our ancestors for living in optimal health. I took an online course called BE.U: Be Wild! several years ago (it’s no longer being offered), hoping to learn more about rewilding practices and quantum health. What happened next was a shock to me — I found that I was one of the most advanced in the course and fellow class members were leaving me comments like “Wow, you are so far along, I aspire to get to the place you’re at!” and “You are so lucky to already be cold adapted!” Having severe environmental illness had prepared me for the course like nothing else could!

EI Superwoman!The years of living through freezing high desert winters without adequate clothing, bedding or heat had made me cold adapted (a goal of quantum health devotees), sleeping without blankets, a mattress and sometimes even a pillow gave me platinum card member status, eating a ketogenic diet for years, grounding on bare earth, sun gazing, avoiding sunblock, wearing amber glasses, taking cold baths in winter (when I no longer tolerated the shower water and had to use RO water in buckets to sponge bathe myself), having to “drip dry” year round because I could not tolerate towels, living a low EMF lifestyle, eating tons of wild salmon and grassfed beef, and sourcing the purest water I could find, all gave me some sort of elevated status in the course. Wow! For the first time, my experience through the depths of hell and back a million times over was actually being seen in a desirable light!

Out of all my hard earned life experience and personal research with health + illness, I feel that quantum health practices are where it’s at these days with health care. Luckily, those with environmental illness can access most of these practices, with little monetary investment and without having to leave your backyard. I want to share some of the basic premises with you all so you can get an introduction and choose whether to seek out more in-depth information if this resonates at all with you.

A big thank you to Dr. Jack Kruse who created a health movement around quantum health practices, and to Matt Blackburn for making these ideas accessible by breaking them down into understandable, actionable concepts for the masses.


Sungazing1. Get outside. Look at the sunrise and sunset with your bare retinas (no glasses or contacts) to help reset your circadian rhythm to the cycles of the sun and moon. Go outside first thing in the morning (as close to sunrise as possible) – barefoot – and look towards the sun for 5-15 minutes. Getting infrared (IR) + natural blue light in the naked eyes in the early morning lets the brain know that it is time to wake up. Do the same at sunset to let your brain know the day is coming to a close.

2. Take a “sun bath” between the hours of 8 – 11AM to get exposure to VIS (visible light), IR (infrared), and UV-A light (which enables your body to generate nitric oxide, crucial for health – especially cardiovascular health). You’ll want to sit out as naked as possible for at least 5 minutes, and work up to more without burning. Do not wear glasses, contacts or sunglasses – you want your bare retinas to receive the light. Your skin and retinas are your own personal solar panel – equivalent to the photo receptors on the leaf of a plant, allowing the body to absorb the rays of the sun and convert it into energy. If possible, ground your bare feet on earth while sun bathing. I try to sit out anywhere from 30-60 minutes every morning. The exact hours of UV-A light exposure will vary dependent on your location on the planet and the season. The goal is to get the full spectrum of sunlight each day – not just one wavelength – so make sure you also go outside midday and early morning and dusk, as well.

Naked sun bath!3. Take a “sun bath” at solar noon to get UV-B light, which is necessary for your body to create the hormone vitamin D. UV-B is strongest between 10AM and 4PM, from April to October, but you can look up online or use the D Minder app to find out the optimal time to get UV-B light in your location, which will change seasonally and may not be available at all in winter. You’ll want to sit out as naked as possible for about 5-30 minutes. UV-B light is necessary but has health risks with overexposure so you do want to limit that time, especially during the hottest months of the year when the sun is directly overhead. If possible, ground your bare feet on earth while sun bathing. I try to sit out 5-10 minutes midday in addition to my 1/2-1 hour early morning sun bath. The goal is to get the full spectrum of sunlight each day, not UV-B sunlight alone – so make sure you also go outside in the morning, and sunrise and dusk to reset your circadian rhythm. In winter, solar noon will give you infrared (IR) light rather than UV-B, which is also critical for optimal health.

4. Stop using sunblock and sunglasses. Ultraviolet light is absolutely necessary for human health both in the eyes and on the skin. To avoid getting burned you need to optimize your skin lipids by eating more healthy fats (avocado, butter, olive + coconut oils, bacon, and animal fat like pork and duck), getting plenty of DHA (from seafood and MitoLife algae sourced DHA) and micronutrients like magnesium, calcium, iodine, polyphenols, vitamin K, vitamin A (this is key for skin), probiotics (for butyrate), and vitamin E.

5. Get barefoot as often as you can – ground yourself to the electromagnetic grid of the earth. Grounding not only helps release excess EMFs, but it helps you gain free electrons (giving you a negative charge) and power your mitochondria. That’s why I found myself completely energized after a 4 hour barefoot hike that I thought for sure would exhaust me! If you can’t go barefoot, wear grounding shoes from Pluggz and other brands.

Taking a cold plunge6. Practice cold thermogenesis (face dunks, cold showers, ice baths, lake and river dips). Expose your body to cold temperatures either through a river, lake, ocean, shower or ice bath to increase the electric current of all of your semiconductors. You can start with simple face dunks in a bowl of ice water. The ideal water temperature for cold thermogenesis is between 55-57 degrees Fahrenheit. I purchased a Catalyst cryo-helmet brain cooling system that I wear when I get migraines and it always helps reduce the pain. It is especially good for those with mild traumatic brain injuries and neuro inflammation.

7. Reduce exposure to non-native EMFs (cell phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, etc.) – use hardwired DSL for Internet connections and landlines for phone whenever possible.

8. Block blue light from computer/monitor/phone/TV screens from your eyes and skin whenever possible using blue blocking glasses and long sleeves after dark (there are photo receptors on our skin, too). Use flux, iris and other blue blocker apps on all screens. Wear blue blocking glasses after dark.

9. Avoid artificial lighting whenever possible – use red or orange lights in lamps and light fixtures at night. Use salt lamps which give off an amber glow as well as negative ions. Buy amber nightlights, book lights, and flashlights.

10. Drink the best water you can find. Make sure it is halogen-free – halogens include fluorine, chlorine, and bromine which are all commonly added to public water systems. Flouride is the most reactive of all and prevents DC electric current from flowing through your tissues.

11. Check for leptin resistance (especially common with those recovering from mold related illness) and treat accordingly.

Wild Alaskan salmon and avocado12. Eat a high DHA, healthy protein and fat meal in the AM (like pastured eggs with bacon or raw goat cheese, or wild salmon and avocado).

13. Eat local foods, in season, while the sun is out – not at midnight. Eating late (after dark) disrupts your circadian rhythm by telling the body that it’s still daytime.

14. Consume vitamin A in the retinal form, found in animal products – like raw milk, grassfed butter, grassfed butter oil, pastured eggs, and cod liver oil. Animal sources of retinol are bio-available, already in a usable form, whereas vitamin A from plant sources (carotenoids) must first be converted to retinol in order to be utilized in the body.

15. Consume the omega-3 fatty acid DHA daily in the form of high quality seafood and/or MitoLife DHA so that you can convert the photons coming into the eyes from sunlight into a DC electric current (which power your brain!). DHA – along with copper, iodine and selenium – is required to be present in our cells in order to utilize the electrons from the sun and hold an electric charge.

16. Take supplements that support the mitochondria: CoQ10 (ubiquinol), PQQ, trans-resveratrol and curcumin.

Meditate in nature17. Meditate in nature.

18. Get regular bodywork, which increases electron flow locally – myofascial release therapy (which lowers inflammation and helps take you out of fight or flight), craniosacral therapy, bowenwork, massage, osteopathy.

19. Exercise outside, barefoot, under full spectrum sunlight, not in a gym disconnected from the earth’s magnetism and under artificial blue light.

20. Exercise at the right time of the day. If you are leptin resistant, do not work out before or after breakfast – the optimal time is after 5PM. After you’ve done a leptin reset, the optimal time to exercise is from 1PM-5PM (outside, in sunlight). Don’t overdo exercise.

21. Practice whole body movement-based exercise rather than isolating specific muscles in a gym.

22. Sleep when it’s dark – go to sleep around 10 PM. Our melatonin cycle should start shortly after sunset and the cortisol cycle begins at 4 AM to wake us up.

Sleep when it's dark23. Shut off wireless and WiFi at night. Turn off your cell phone. Shut off your breakers, at least to your bedroom. Unplug all items in your bedroom. Use a battery operated clock rather than digital.

24. Sleep without a blanket or pillow or heat: we are meant to have our lowest body temperature at night, while we sleep.

25. Read these books:
The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life
Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health
The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor
Gaia Codex
Going Somewhere: Truth about a Life in Science
The Healing Sun: Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century
Health and Light: The extraordinary Study that Shows How light Affects Your Health and emotional well being
Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level: The Hidden History of a Fundamental Revolution in Biology
Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology
Light: Medicine of the Future: How We Can Use It to Heal Ourselves NOW
Light in Shaping Life: Biophotons in Biology and Medicine
Overpowered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and What You Can Do about It
The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms
The Vital Question: Why is Life the Way it is?

Biology Reboot – Logical Actionable Mitigation on Facebook – quantum health biohacking discussion forum – living an optimized life
Matt Blackburn on Facebook – daily sharings on quantum health practices
Matt Blackburn – coaching services
Quantum Health: Light, Water and Magnetism – Facebook group to discuss quantum health practices
Rewild Yourself – Facebook group to discuss rewilding
Shawn Weldman on Facebook – posts on cold thermogenesis and other quantum health practices

Grounded – grounding sheets, mats and other products
Low Blue Lights – amber lights (night lights, book lights, flashlights and more)
MitoLife – algae sourced DHA
Pluggz – earthing footwear
U.S. Wellness Meats – grassfed beef, bison, lamb, chicken, duck, pork, rabbit and other farm raised foods
Vital Choice – high quality, purity-tested seafood and grassfed meats

*IMPORTANT: Some people who have environmental illness experience sun or light sensitivity and should avoid some of the sun therapies mentioned above until their health is in a stronger place. Of course, if you have any issues with any of the suggested practices, you should avoid them until you are able to safely do them. Use discernment and trust your body wisdom.

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    I just read this article and it was eye opening and very informative.

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