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  • Clothing Clothing
    Non-toxic, sustainable, disability-themed, and political wear for the conscious consumer.
  • Furniture and Home Products Furniture and Home Products
    Surround yourself with non-toxic products for kitchen, living room, and beyond.
  • Pesticide-Free Lawns Pesticide-Free Lawns
    With all the natural lawn care products available today, there is really no excuse for saturating the earth with neurotoxic chemicals.
  • Personal Care Products Personal Care Products
    Chemical-free personal care product companies like Karen's Naturals and Dakota Free use minimal ingredients (with full disclosure), usually with a base of organic oils like jojoba, coconut or olive.
  • Household Cleaning Products Household Cleaning Products
    Chemical free cleaning supplies like aluminum-free baking soda, distilled white vinegar, and sea salt can be super cheap, and super effective.
  • Simple Living Simple Living
    Many are led back to the land after experiencing a serious health challenge. Learn how to grow your own chemical free food and live without some of today's conveniences that have compromised the health of your body and the planet.
  • Bedding - Buy or DIY Bedding – Buy or DIY
    Indulge your nesting instinct—create a safe, nurturing ensemble for whatever form your sleep oasis takes; organic mattress, homemade pad, cot, or tent.
  • Fabric, Batting, Yarn & Notions Fabric, Batting, Yarn & Notions
    Sources for safer sewing supplies—for those who are concerned about their exposure to pesticides and other toxic substances commonly used in the production and shipment of fabrics and notions.
  • Water Filters Water Filters
    Nowadays, with all of our waterways polluted by pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, it's critical we purify our drinking, bathing, and laundry water.
  • Air Purifiers Air Purifiers
    When investing in a good air purifier, request carbon filter samples before making an expensive purchase. If you are chemically sensitive you might do better with one type than another; you may not even tolerate carbon at all.
  • Beauty Beauty
    Beauty emanates from the inside out. Haven't you heard—self-confidence is sexier than any body part! That said, if you take care of yourself with a nutrient dense whole foods diet, restful sleep schedule, and exercise, you can shine even brighter.
  • Creativity Creativity
    Creativity comes in many forms. Write a poem, paint a picture, cook a meal, play a game, create a ritual, design a vision board. Get the juices flowing in the right side of your brain. For those of us with toxic brain injury, creating can be a healing act.
  • Conscious Parenting Conscious Parenting
    Attachment parenting. Bedsharing. Breastfeeding. Circumcision. Elimination communication. Fertility. Pregnancy. Sacred birth. Natural Immunity. Homeschooling. Unschooling. We cover it all.
  • Activist Resources Activist Resources
    Noticing the problem is no longer enough. Choose to be an agent for change, in whatever form that takes, no matter how large or small. Here are some resources to get you started.