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  • A yawn a day keeps the doctor away A yawn a day keeps the doctor away
    ...if you want to maintain an optimally healthy brain, it is essential that you yawn.
  • Rebounding for health Rebounding for health
    A fun, easy, and convenient way to help your body collect and remove cellular waste, tone legs and abdomen, lose weight, and manage stress!
  • Superbrain Yoga® Superbrain Yoga®
    Superbrain Yoga® is a simple and effective technique to energize and recharge the brain, based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture.
  • Simple Polarity Yoga Poses to Rebalance your System Simple Polarity Yoga Poses to Rebalance your System
    Belinda Macri, a registered polarity practitioner in South Hamilton, MA, shares simple yet effective yoga poses that bring harmony to the body.
  • Tracing Your Energy Meridians Tracing Your Energy Meridians
    Join legendary healer Donna Eden as she demonstrates how to trace your energy meridians for increased health and vitality.
  • Mudrās for Healing Mudrās for Healing
    Mudrās are a system of symbolic hand gestures and finger postures used in Hinduism and Buddhism. Some of the mudrās can be used specifically for healing.
  • Tribal Belly Dance: Troupe Salamat Tribal Belly Dance: Troupe Salamat
    Julie Genser writes about how her passion for tribal bellydance and Middle Eastern music sustained her during her descent into severe environmental illness.
  • Sweat Your Prayers Sweat Your Prayers
    5Rhythms is a popular movement meditation dance developed by Gabrielle Roth, borne out of many indigenous and world traditions.