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  • Common characteristics of traditional diets Common characteristics of traditional diets
    Dear Sally, What are some of the commonalities found in traditional diets, like those of the various cultures studied by Weston Price, aside from being animal-based?
  • Vitamin B12 and Iron Vitamin B12 and Iron
    Dear Sally, Can you suggest an alternative form to methylcobalamin (vitamin B12) injections which are very costly as they are compounded? Also, I've been unable to tolerate ferrous gluconate....any suggestions?
  • Adapting recipes / dehydrating nuts Adapting recipes / dehydrating nuts
    Dear Sally, I would like to be able to adapt recipes that I have been using to make them more digestible and nutritious. Are there any general guidelines you can provide?
  • Benefits of Bone Broths Benefits of Bone Broths
    Dear Sally, I know that the gelatin in broths are very nutritious but can you tell me why, and what other health benefits can be found in them?
  • Is B-12 supplementation necessary? Is B-12 supplementation necessary?
    Dear Sally, If I eat healthy sources of grass-fed animal protein, do I still need to supplement B-12? How important is it? Thanks!
  • What's so bad about soy? What’s so bad about soy?
    Dear Sally, Can you tell me why your organization is so against soy food products?
  • Colostrum Colostrum
    Dear Sally, What is colostrum and do you recommend it?
  • Superfoods Superfoods
    Dear Sally, What "superfoods" do you recommend? Are they really necessary for the average person?
  • Preparing grains properly Preparing grains properly
    Dear Sally, Is there a way to prepare whole grains so they are easier to digest?
  • Holistic dental care Holistic dental care
    Dear Sally, I know that Weston Price had strong opinions about root canals. Can you tell me what his recommendations were for dental care?
  • Diet for pregnant and nursing women Diet for pregnant and nursing women
    Dear Sally, Do you have any dietary recommendations for women who are pregnant? Should their diet change at all when they start to nurse?
  • Dietary dangers Dietary dangers
    Dear Sally, Are there any foods one should definitely avoid in their diet?
  • Benefits of Raw & Fermented Honey Benefits of Raw & Fermented Honey
    Dear Sally, I've heard that there is a big difference nutritionally between raw honey and regular store-bought honey. What are the nutritional benefits of raw honey?
  • What Sally eats What Sally eats
    Dear Sally, What sort of foods do you eat? Just wondering if you could share what is a typical meal for you. Thanks!
  • What is the Nourishing Traditions diet? What is the Nourishing Traditions diet?
    Dear Sally, Can you give me an overview of the Nourishing Traditions diet - what are the basic guidelines? Thank you!