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  • saying no saying no
    Every once in a while | when I’m not busy trying to adapt— | i.e. find an air filter that won’t make me sick | scrub the dryer with vinegar to get the Bounce out
  • sabbath sabbath
    you forgot that it was possible | too bogged down in the myth of industriousness | to value broken | how certain artists make ordinary beauty from their shame
  • January 2006 January 2006
    you are in the middle of | a transformational process | she said | which began 24 human months ago | does that mean it’ll end and if so how | there are no guarantees | I told my almost lover | it was cold by the window | and he walked away I wanted to too | but where would I go
  • Infiltration Infiltration
    Driving down the canyon, sun slanted, squinting, listening to Joan Didion talk about her faith, it occurs to me: this is not death, this is moving on. I repeat it over and over, never having learned this before,
  • about faith about faith
    1. Shana Tova. How has it been? he asks, | the beautiful man with the sad eyes who I see each year | on this day, in the same spot, his tallis on his | shoulders, his white kipah covering his head. | Rough, I say.
  • Via Dolorosa Via Dolorosa
    Through his powerful poetry, paintings, and testimony, Beau Riley draws a moving portrait of love between two people, each crippled in his own way: David, a paraplegic; Beau, a recovering alcoholic.

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