Heavy Metal Poisoning

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  • Klinghardt Mercury Chelation Protocol Klinghardt Mercury Chelation Protocol
    Offers a comprehensive, customized approach to mercury detoxification which may include chlorella, cilantro, minerals, probiotics, MSM, essential fatty acids, vitamins, DMPS, sulfur-bearing amino acids, DMSA and NAC, hyaluronic acid, and homeopathy.
  • Holmes Mercury Chelation Protocol Holmes Mercury Chelation Protocol
    Amy S. Holmes, MD's protocol for mercury removal as part of her biomedical approach to treating autism. Many believe that a large majority of autism cases are in fact, pediatric cases of mercury poisoning due to shared symtoms and lab results.
  • Cutler Mercury Chelation Protocol Cutler Mercury Chelation Protocol
    Comprehensive heavy metal detoxification protocol that includes diagnostic testing, vitamin and mineral supplementation, dietary restrictions, and chelation with both natural (ALA) and synthetic (DMPS, DMSA) chelators.