Heavy Metal Poisoning
mercury poisoning


Heavy metal toxicity occurs when metals like mercury, arsenic and lead displace zinc and other minerals and bind to their receptor sites, disrupting cellular enzyme activity. ...learn more
mercury poisoning

Amalgam fillings, smoke from coal-fired electrical plants, broken fluorescent bulbs, immunizations, and contaminated seafood all contribute to the high incidence of mercury poisoning in our culture. Arsenic is found in water, cadmium in cigarette smoke, and lead in old paint chips and water pipes. In addition to the increased concentrations of heavy metals in our environment, a percentage of the population's ability to excrete toxic metals is greatly impaired. ...learn more
mercury poisoning

Mercury and other toxic metals can be chelated out of the brain and body using various binding agents, with the risk of re-poisoning oneself if done incorrectly, as well as overwhelming one's excretory organs such as the liver and kidney. We recommend reading Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD's seminal book on mercury poisoning Amalgam Illness Diagnosis and Treatment and reading Moria Merriweather's informative website to begin your research before deciding on a path. ...learn more