adrenal fatigue

  • Long-term side effects of D-ribose? Long-term side effects of D-ribose?
    Dear Dr. T, I recently began taking Corvalen for energy. Could it potentially create too much ATP, placing extra demands on the body for nutrients and/or causing hormone imbalances? I am especially concerned about its impacts upon insulin/cortisol levels.
  • Cortisol properties in stephania root? Cortisol properties in stephania root?
    Dear Stephen, I found that very soon after getting to the 2 stephania 3x day, I was able to lower my hydrocortisone dose to about 12.5 mg. I'm wondering if stephania root has some cortisol-like properties?
  • Fantastic Fixes for Low Energy Fantastic Fixes for Low Energy
    by Connie Strasheim | Energy. We sufferers of chronic illness could all use a bit more of the stuff, and every little blip in our internal and external environments alters how much we have at any given moment.
  • Dying For Some Zzz's! Dying For Some Zzz’s!
    by Connie Strasheim | It's midnight, and you've been lying awake for two hours, your thoughts on fast forward as you toss and turn like a vegetable kabob over a spit.
  • Thyroid and adrenals Thyroid and adrenals
    Dear Stephen, I spent some time living in the South Pacific. A year after returning back to the States, I started getting gastro symptoms. Is it possible that I got a bug overseas and it made Lyme surface?
  • Resveratrol gave me vertigo Resveratrol gave me vertigo
    Dear Stephen, On knotweed I felt fab after a day or so, and then TERRIBLY dizzy for days until I stopped it. I started out slow. Now what? I have no life.
  • Is Jatoba useful for mold illness? Is Jatoba useful for mold illness?
    Dear Susun, I recently came across a website that talked about the use of Jatoba as an anti-fungal and adrenal tonic. Would you recommend it for mold illness or fatigue?
  • Sarsaparilla and blood sugar Sarsaparilla and blood sugar
    Dear Stephen, I started taking the basic protocol herbs last week but soon developed bad hypoglycemic symptoms every morning on waking and throughout the day. Is it ok to do the protocol without sarsaparilla?