air purifiers

  • Wood smoke and MCS Wood smoke and MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, We have Austin air purifier machines running full time but I am still being affected by the wood burning smoke from neighbors. Would the AirPura T600 for smoke be useful?
  • Safe personal ionizer Safe personal ionizer
    Dear Dr. Rea, At home, I get asthma from my air purifier if I turn on the ionizer. Is there a personal ionizer I could safely use?
  • pure air and water pure air and water
    The quality of the air you breathe and the water you ingest, bathe and launder with should be of prime importance to anyone concerned about health.
  • Air Purifiers Air Purifiers
    When investing in a good air purifier, request carbon filter samples before making an expensive purchase. If you are chemically sensitive you might do better with one type than another; you may not even tolerate carbon at all.