Alzheimer’s disease

  • Lyme presenting as Parkinson's? Lyme presenting as Parkinson’s?
    Dear Stephen, My mother has Parkinson's, which I suspect might be lyme related, but she hasn't been tested yet. Her condition is atypical in it's very fast progression. Do you know of any useful herbs?
  • Emerging type III diabetes theory of autism Emerging type III diabetes theory of autism
    D-galactose, a mono sugar, may be helpful in treating insulin disturbance in autistic children, as well as people with cancer and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Dr. Amy Yasko's Nutrigenomics Protocol Dr. Amy Yasko’s Nutrigenomics Protocol
    Approach for autism, ALS, MS, and other neuro disorders that uses genetic testing for mutations in the methylation pathway to help nutritionally bypass existing blocks.
  • Health Challenged Celebrities Health Challenged Celebrities
    Life as a public figure isn't always a bowl of cherries. See our list of celebrities, politicians, athletes, and others in the public spotlight who have been challenged by health issues.
  • Memory issues Memory issues
    Dear Susun, Lately I've noticed my memory is not as good as it used to be. My grandmother has advanced Alzheimers so I am a bit concerned.