brain inflammation

  • brain/limbic system brain/limbic system
    Toxic environmental injuries can cause damage to our limbic system and other areas of the brain. Use targeted nutrients and brain exercises to rebuild weakened areas and rewire around permanent damage.
  • Corkscrewed! Me and My Lyme Corkscrewed! Me and My Lyme
    Just when I thought there were no other ways to be pathogenically screwed, I have been corkscrewed.
  • Herbs against TBE? Herbs against TBE?
    Dear Stephen, I would like to ask about any good anti-viral herb 'specific' against tick-born encephalitis (TBE).
  • Herbs for Morgellon's disease? Herbs for Morgellon’s disease?
    Dear Stephen, I am curious whether you have had experience treating Morgellon's Disease with your Healing Lyme protocol.
  • Brain swelling and small intestine help Brain swelling and small intestine help
    Dear Stephen, What else can I take to reduce brain swelling? What helps generate tissue for the small intestine?