brain virus

  • brain/limbic system brain/limbic system
    Toxic environmental injuries can cause damage to our limbic system and other areas of the brain. Use targeted nutrients and brain exercises to rebuild weakened areas and rewire around permanent damage.
  • Autumn Equinox Autumn Equinox
    I feel my body letting go of light | drawn to the wisdom of a harvest moon. | I feel it welcome the lengthening night | like a lover in early afternoon.
  • Channel Channel
    In time the fork my life took | as illness changed its course | will wander to the main stream | and there below the long waterfalls | and cataracts I will begin to rush | to the place I was going from the start.
  • Wild in the Woods: Wild in the Woods:
    I am demented. I have been clinically demented for a decade, ever since contracting a virus that attacked my brain in December of 1988. I display dementia's classic "multiple cognitive deficits that include memory impairment but not impairment of consciousness" and am totally disabled.
  • Listening to Einstein in the Dark Listening to Einstein in the Dark
    In the evening as we lie in bed, Bill sweeps his palms over the contours of my head and down my spine, along my arms and legs, grazing my skin as if moving over a Ouija board. This has a soothing effect on the muscle pain that clenches my body.