• Wood smoke and MCS Wood smoke and MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, We have Austin air purifier machines running full time but I am still being affected by the wood burning smoke from neighbors. Would the AirPura T600 for smoke be useful?
  • Lung issues with MCS Lung issues with MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, I have severe MCS, right bundle branch block and a breathing problem. Three CAT scans have shown a very small nodule and tree in bud inflammation in both lungs unchanged. How can I clear up the inflammation?
  • Testing the air at my workplace Testing the air at my workplace
    Dear Dr. Rea, Do you know where I can get someone to test the rooms I work in for toxic fumes from plastics, perfumes and other airbourne chemicals?
  • Is oxygen therapy dangerous? Is oxygen therapy dangerous?
    Dear Dr. Rea, I am currently using six liters of oxygen a minute through a tygon tube that is 1/4 inch in diameter with a ceramic face mask. Is this dangerous?
  • Mask for asthma and MCS Mask for asthma and MCS
    Dear Dr. Rea, I get asthma outdoors due to small particle pollution. What type of mask should I wear that will protect me from asthma and MCS?
  • Safe personal ionizer Safe personal ionizer
    Dear Dr. Rea, At home, I get asthma from my air purifier if I turn on the ionizer. Is there a personal ionizer I could safely use?
  • pure air and water pure air and water
    The quality of the air you breathe and the water you ingest, bathe and launder with should be of prime importance to anyone concerned about health.
  • energetic health energetic health
    Learn ways to stay grounded and keep your life energy flowing, without blocks and stagnation.
  • Air Purifiers Air Purifiers
    When investing in a good air purifier, request carbon filter samples before making an expensive purchase. If you are chemically sensitive you might do better with one type than another; you may not even tolerate carbon at all.
  • Oxygen therapy for mitochondria dysfunction Oxygen therapy for mitochondria dysfunction
    Dear Dr. Rea, My doctor recently prescribed supplemental oxygen therapy for my "mitochondria dysfunction." Doc says this oxygen therapy is based on research you have done.
  • Masks Masks
    "...whenever I've donned a mask, for whatever purpose, the transformation in my self has opened up my perceptions with a wide wing span, allowing me to move—even for just an hour—out of the human and into a more primitive realm."
  • Oxygen therapy Oxygen therapy
    Dear Stephen, I am interested in your views on the potential effectiveness of oxygen therapies for Lyme, in particular a newish device called Airnergy from Germany, which sounds great but is very pricey!