• Emerging type III diabetes theory of autism Emerging type III diabetes theory of autism
    D-galactose, a mono sugar, may be helpful in treating insulin disturbance in autistic children, as well as people with cancer and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Knotweed and estrogen positive breast cancer Knotweed and estrogen positive breast cancer
    Dear Stephen, I was diagnosed with early stage estrogen positive breast cancer and one of my doctors told me not to take the knotweed because resveratrol may stimulate cancer cell growth.
  • When Illness Strikes, Men Leave More Often When Illness Strikes, Men Leave More Often
    WebMD shares the results of a new study that shows women with cancer and multiple sclerosis are more likely than men to become separated or divorced.
  • 'The Idiot Cycle' Connects Cancer with Chemicals ‘The Idiot Cycle’ Connects Cancer with Chemicals
    'The Idiot Cycle' is a new documentary that exposes conflicts of interest among the major chemical companies like Dow Chemical, Bayer, Dupont, and Monsanto.
  • Cancer Web Resources Cancer Web Resources
    Websites and articles about alternative approaches to cancer treatment.
  • Cancer Support Cancer Support
    Support for those fighting cancer.
  • Cancer Nutrition Cancer Nutrition
    Resources for those who want to use a nutrient-dense diet to support their body through cancer.
  • Cancer Medical Researchers Cancer Medical Researchers
    Organizations that provide medical research on the most up-to-date treatment approaches for various types of cancer.
  • Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
    FDA-approved naltrexone, in a low dose, can boost the immune system — helping those with HIV/AIDS, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and central nervous system disorders.
  • FOCUS ON: Cancer FOCUS ON: Cancer
  • Health Challenged Celebrities Health Challenged Celebrities
    Life as a public figure isn't always a bowl of cherries. See our list of celebrities, politicians, athletes, and others in the public spotlight who have been challenged by health issues.
  • Painful breast, sore nipple Painful breast, sore nipple
    Dear Susun, I had a history of fibrocystic breasts in my early college years. For the past month, however, my right breast has been tender. I am low in progesterone - could that be the problem?
  • Dancing with cancer Dancing with cancer
    Dear Susun, A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Do you have any advice for her?