• Transitioning from lyme antibiotics to herbs Transitioning from lyme antibiotics to herbs
    Dear Stephen, My daughter has had eighteen months of antibiotics and has made much progress but I am concerned about candida and food allergies that have recently developed.
  • Herbal remedies for mycoplasma and chlamydia Herbal remedies for mycoplasma and chlamydia
    I am taking an antibacterial/anti fungal herbal mix (goldenseal, cat’s claw, pau d’arco, plus a few others) and would like to know if they would have an effect on mycoplasma or chlamydia.
  • Questions on your protocol Questions on your protocol
    Dear Stephen, I've been fighting lyme for three to four years. What can I take to help deal with the cognitive issues with lyme? Also I have chronic candida, should I just try the tincture you mentioned?
  • Supplements Supplements
    Our favorite sources for enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.
  • Pregnancy, Candida and Autism Pregnancy, Candida and Autism
    Dear Donna, Is there a link between autism and fungal infections in a mother during pregnancy?
  • Severe body burning, lyme, candida Severe body burning, lyme, candida
    Dear Dr. T, I am having total body burning pretty severe and this total body burning is fairly recent AND getting worse—long standing burning in legs but not total body, so desperate for relief.
  • Skin fungi herbs Skin fungi herbs
    Dear Stephen, The only problem that's still with me, is pre-lyme skin fungi (before only in my toes, now in my fingers). I suffer from that in winter only, for more than a decade.
  • Yeast/Candida Infections Yeast/Candida Infections
    Dear Donna, I am struggling to manage a systemic candida condition. Have any dietary advice?
  • Diflucan for lyme? Diflucan for lyme?
    Dear Stephen, What are your feelings on using Diflucan for chronic Lyme, and for that matter, to treat systemic mold?
  • Candida Candida
    Dear Stephen, One question that's come up on the Lyme forums is whether any of the core protocol herbs might be killing 'friendly' bacteria along with other bacteria.
  • Herbal interaction with Klonopin Herbal interaction with Klonopin
    Dear Stephen, Do the herbs andrographis, red root tincture, or smilax interfere with Klonopin (Clonazepam)?