• Liver pain and viral infection Liver pain and viral infection
    Dear Dr. T, Since I first became sick I have had tenderness around the area of my liver. It also feels quite hard or swollen as well and pretty painful when pushed firmly.
  • Sensitivities to supplements Sensitivities to supplements
    Dear Dr. T, A friend is hesitant to do any of the meds, supplements, and IVs because she has sensitivities to everything. What advice would you give someone with this concern?
  • Interactions with Coumadin Interactions with Coumadin
    Dear Dr. T, I am a pharmacy student on rotation in an anticoagulation clinic. Is there any research on how your products affect other medications, specifically Warfarin (Coumadin)?
  • High copper / chelation High copper / chelation
    Dear Dr. T, Recent blood tests show excessive copper at cell level: can you suggest a good chelator?
  • Green tea supplement Green tea supplement
    Dear Dr. T, I heard you on Conscious Talk and wondered what the green tea supplement is that you were talking about. I couldn't quite get the name of it.
  • Medical profession and CFS Medical profession and CFS
    Dear Dr. T, Why are CFS patients wronged by the medical profession?
  • Practitioner list Practitioner list
    Dear Dr. T, How do I find a doctor who can treat me - do you have a list of recommended physicians?
  • Leap Frog Leap Frog
    The spring I was thirty-three, I paid Johnny the neighbor a quarter for every frog he could catch. The amphibians arrived on my porch in coffee cans, Kermits squiggling, croaking and hopping against the round metal sides.
  • Pituitary tumor removal Pituitary tumor removal
    Dear Dr. T, I had a pituitary tumor removed ten years ago and have never been the same. Have had some sort of fibro/exercise intolerance thing ever since but no pain and very random.
  • Benfotiamine to increase TPP? Benfotiamine to increase TPP?
    Dear Dr. T, My doctor has recommended Benfotiamine to increase Thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP). Is this an effective therapy?
  • Are you profiting from the supplements you sell? Are you profiting from the supplements you sell?
    Dear Dr. T, Are you paid by the vitamin supplement companies you promote?
  • Gaining weight too fast Gaining weight too fast
    Dear Dr. T, My daughter has CFS. She eats very healthy but gains weight if she eats like a normal teen. She watches everything that she puts in her mouth. And once the weight is on it never comes off.
  • Corkscrewed! Me and My Lyme Corkscrewed! Me and My Lyme
    Just when I thought there were no other ways to be pathogenically screwed, I have been corkscrewed.
  • TSH levels / Mayo clinic TSH levels / Mayo clinic
    Dear Dr. T, HELP! I am finding how behind and rigid Mayo Clinic is here in Scottsdale. I'm there because of 5 sclerotic lesions that have been found in my right shoulder, 2 in my right knee and in both hands.
  • Listening to Einstein in the Dark Listening to Einstein in the Dark
    In the evening as we lie in bed, Bill sweeps his palms over the contours of my head and down my spine, along my arms and legs, grazing my skin as if moving over a Ouija board. This has a soothing effect on the muscle pain that clenches my body.
  • Nerve Gas in the Living Room Nerve Gas in the Living Room
    Imagine if a company offered to sell you nerve gas to spray in your living room, or if leftover Agent Orange, watered down, was slathered on the grounds where your children go to school.
  • The Cells of My Identity The Cells of My Identity
    In a setup that was far too Oedipal, I was sleeping in a small room with my mother while visiting my sister in D.C., when I finally blurted out the news that I had a girlfriend, that I was bisexual and maybe gay.
  • The Invisible Panelist The Invisible Panelist
    Long before I became disabled at age 23, I had encounters with the unseen. Being queer gave me an innate sense of when to come out, how to hide, and how to recognize evangelistic rage.
  • The Mystery and Tragedy of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome The Mystery and Tragedy of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
    These are plague years. Governments, insurance companies, even scientists—we, the people, too—are scared. Who'll fall ill next, who'll have to pay?
  • Positive IgG Positive IgG
    Dear Dr. T, I read on your site that you said to ignore IgG readings in blood tests - does this mean these are not significant?
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    Dear Dr. T, Is Proboost Thymic A contraindicated in chronic lymphocytic leukemia?
  • Need to gain weight Need to gain weight
    Dear Dr. T, My mother has a bacterial infection of her lungs and she is severely underweight. How can I supplement her diet with nutrients and vitamins to help her out so she can gain some of her weight back?
  • Graves disease Graves disease
    Dear Dr. T, I was diagnosed several years ago with Graves and was given Rai. I was doing okay until around January.
  • Are colonics okay? Are colonics okay?
    Dear Dr. T, I have been doing colonics. I went through 14 treatments and I plan on doing one every two weeks now. What do you think?
  • “Normal” blood tests
    Dear Dr. T, Why do sick people have "normal" blood tests?
  • Drug interactions Drug interactions
    Dear Dr. T, Is there any research on how your products affect other medications, specifically warfarin (coumadin)?
  • Why is your approach unique? Why is your approach unique?
    Dear Dr. T, Why is your approach to treating chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia unique?
  • How long for results? How long for results?
    Dear Dr. T, How long does it take to get results on your SHINE protocol?
  • Food allergies and sensitivities Food allergies and sensitivities
    Dear Dr. T, How effective is food sensitivity testing and a rotation diet for those with CFS/FMS? Is this something you use frequently in your practice? If not, why not?
  • Natural vs. antibiotics Natural vs. antibiotics
    Dear Dr. T, If you believe in natural approaches, why do you prescribe antibiotics?
  • How do you know if you really have CFS? How do you know if you really have CFS?
    Dear Dr. T, Most Americans are tired and don't sleep well. So how do you know if you really have CFS?
  • Difficulty defining CFS/FMS Difficulty defining CFS/FMS
    Dear Dr. T, Why is the disease so hard to define and why are there so many disconnected symptoms?
  • Mercury Mercury
    Dear Stephen, I tested positive for mercury via DMSA provocation, and I think that's as big of a problem as the Lyme disease. What ways can I get heavy metals down safely?